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MALALA—a statement of the failure of religion:
religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
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Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.

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Thursday 9th August 2018



It was Labour and the Lib/Dsems that denied us the political vote that turned commercial agreements on trade into political authoritarian diktat. As  Churchill said "Trust the British people". Labour refused to do so and the Tories took too long to get round to doing so. Neither presented a state of competent argument.
We would have had a perfectly harmonious relationship with the EU had France not panicked over the greater empire and commonwealth that we created, for which reason they denied us earlier entry and ensured the rationality and logic we would have brought was excluded from the EU's basic structure, leading them away from proper objectives.

Thursday 9th August 2018
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a former co-chair of the Conservative party has decided to respond to Boris’ article in the Daily Telegraph, when Boris Johnson compared fully veiled Muslim women to “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”. His latter description was similar to an observation I made in an article two or three years earlier on such women looking like seventeenth century highwaymen.
            Instead of using her position to calmly set an example in the wide fluidity of the language and society, she foolishly chose to emphasise division. She has decided to support Conservative party chair Brandon Lewis. He has encouraged Theresa May to ask Johnson to apologise, while others in the party and elsewhere in the media have defended his position. Brandon’s role is to calm not further inflame, so he aggregates the situation!
            Warsi argues Boris’ remarks are indefensible. This is nonsense, she is showing a lack of appreciation of the true meaning of ‘free’ speech and free expression of opinion which is sacrosanct.
            She acknowledges the issues around our integration as a country are serious. People identify with the country they live in when they feel a sense of belonging and when they feel they matter. When they can take part in the national conversation and national life as individuals with equal worth and value, not when the centuries old established traditions are wilfully over-ridden and that attitude has been led by our own politicians of both parties playing the people for their own individual short-lived, short-term personal interests
            Warsi is not mentioning the various hate campaigns wilfully provoked by Muslim preachers on our public streets and equally which her ilk wilfully ignore, through failure by them and the regular, more rational, conventional Muslims to denounce.
            That is why language is so crucial. Politicians and policy makers particularly have a responsibility to help make the space of belonging bigger, to ease that path towards integration. Fluidity, colour of language is what makes a people open and exciting.
            In his Telegraph piece, Johnson was making a liberal argument. He was saying that we shouldn’t ban the burqa, as Denmark has done. To say his words are not perfectly acceptable is twaddle, wilfully making something out of nothing. Warsi claims this episode makes Muslim women political fodder and that there is a pattern that Muslim women are “a useful political football”. She is too wrapped up in her own cultural ego to see objectively.
            She is wilfully ignoring the times Muslim men have been reported as dressing as women to evade capture when on criminal activity. This has nothing to do with concepts of female attire. My own mother always wore a headscarf until finally persuaded by her younger sister that it really wasn’t necessary, fashion had moved on. In the early part of the 1900s, headscarves and veils were regular female wear.
            Society has changed and clarity of identity is an everyday necessity for the security of all. Face coverings are in wilful defiance of the magnificent moves forward being made for the disadvantaged in broadening knowledge of lip reading and general openness of interaction across society, quite apart from the security angle where politicians have espoused the “hugging of hoodies” so they feel a part of our society. Is Warsi suggesting we should be encouraged to hug veiled women?
            Only this morning, BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire broadcast the incident where a disabled person, with a sign indicating he was a lip-reader and the face-veiled till operator refused to show him her lips, causing the individual considerable embarrassment by causing the manager to be called and it was he who had to handle the transaction. This is wilful obduracy and I am astounded that a peer of the realm should consider this acceptable conduct. Worn in church or other private surroundings, obviously there is no problem but this is a clear example where face-veiling is a wilful affront to every day open living for us all. It has also become apparent that, as is always the case of religion, there is a wide divergence of interpretation, so those choosing veiling of whatever type do so wilfully, presumably to be provocative.
            What Johnson has done is to bring the matter to a head in a serious but humorous manner and that lack of humour itself highlights the failure of linguistic integration for public discussion.

Wednesday 8th August 2018
Sounds like the chairman's getting out of line. Whilst certain right wing remarks of late have been unacceptable we must guard the rich natural fluidity of language in context. I have previously commented in an article "that wearing seventeenth century costumes hardly inspires integration". I recall regularly, as a child, seeing nuns around the town in full wimple and long skirts. Haven't seen such dress for years and suppose they have shortened their skirts and adjusted to a less cumbersome headdress. So, change over time is proved. Boris' letter box comment is perhaps more rational a remark than my own but it has to be seen in context. In an age when we are finding CCTV crucial in street crime, especially with such large reductions in numbers of visible policemen, covering up one's facial aspects is clearly to be discouraged, especially in banks and general amongst normal social interaction.
       I think the Conservative chairman is deliberately drawing attention to himself for a future opportunity. Mind you, that could be a charge against Boris but I think not in this context.
May is wrong in her statement. She should not have sexualised this and should have used "people" instead of "woman". One would not expect a man to turn up at a DJ event wearing a business suit. Neither does one expect to meet walking letter boxes in a social high street environment.

Tuesday 7th August 2018
What is it? Waking up during the night feeling cold, starkers and no cover over me due to the heat, I could have caught a summer chill. It could be hayfever: tree nil; grass moderate but bordering high; ragweed nil. Grass was a main problem of mine. Being reminded of hayfever at the very start of summer it seemed to have dissipated and suddenly, now I'm sneezing my head off. End of term, into summer holidays, I suppose it fits, just not had it for so long I've forgotten all my idiosyncrasies. As a teenager I think I had some 30 injections in the winter and proved allergic to 27 of them! It meant I disappeared into the school press on games after-noons in the summer. Now its mainly the heat, just cannot think straight and I hate squandering time.

Extreme right-wing hooliganism. An excellent article. Both left and right are frightened of objective rationality. [Bookmarks RW anarchy of socialist books]

David J Rad. Historically you are quite correct and time has moved on, the mistake that religion made and the same mistake the EU persists in making. Rigidity of rules is in direct defiance of God's Creation. Life continually changes over time. To define the reality of time's effect is to deny God's Creation! Work with it not in wilful defiance of it.

Saturday 4th August 2018
Good morning world. Another heat day and I am in the mood to do but will too soon be exhausted, having done nothing of consequence!

Friday 3rd August 2018
Suddenly had a bright spark shine up my evening. Crashed out with heat exhaustion yet in a mood to do, contrary to a long period of health exhaustion, so very irritated. Just passed an encouraging comment to someone, whose post I happened to see on opening up and she immediately replied appreciatively so I'm all positive again. Thank you.
      Out of my present perverse mood I'm listening to "Friday Night is Music Night" which I have not heard for some time. Memories of first hearing it with my parents as a child with the old family wooden cased wireless in the living room. I remember hearing from Watford Town Hall. Tonight it comes from Watford Coliseum. Where is that? One broadcast came from the town hall when I was at Watford Tech so I queued and got in by chance and then managed to get into the trailers which held all the gubbins. That was an insight into the space available. They had recently been re-equipped and the modern stuff occupied a third of the original's space. Come to think of it there was a very young girl being promoted and I suspect I was actually trying to meet her, can't now remember her name, was it possibly Charlotte Church?
      So, another hot evening. Don't want to begrudge super weather, particularly as Pendley Open Air Shakespeare has just opened but it is a hot night. The new stage means the audience is facing straight into the after-noon sun for the after-noon matinee. I remember an early performance before becoming the annual festival when the audience and actors changed places during the interval because of the sun.
      In my time we used to do a midweek matinee and then the great climax, the Midnight matinee. The first play started half an hour early at 7:00pm and the second play at 10:30pm. I remember Dorian on one occasion, when we were running particularly late, announcing. "Apart from some of you who will be having hot soup and sausage rolls, we have a thousand of you leaving as another thousand come in, all over the next half-an-hour. Quoting from a play we are not doing this year or next, 'Stand not upon the order of your going, please, just go!'"

Most irritating, healthwise I should be up and doing but heat exhaustion dictates "doolally" state over-rides. Turned up for a conference a week early, enjoyed meandering back lanes down which I have not meandered for some while and was as good as being somewhere away. Got back exhausted, hopefully it will be cooler next week. I had nearly written off the conference and nearly not gone at all. Interesting day nonetheless and I'm comfortable in determining I am not actually doolally, its the heat!

They haven't the castle we've got. We just lose them in the sea, we are an island race! Our present set is the second set and our castle's been there 1,000 years so we've got the hang of the keys and which locks they fit into.

Thursday 2nd August 2018
Good morning world! Should be bouncy and breezy but down in mood, heat increasing, again and tomorrow I have a conference, will my mind be with it to fully participate? Still, much for which to be grateful.

Charlie Markle's irresponsible bumbling is of no concern to anyone but his family. It is an example of which Trump rightly criticises in the American press but usually using incorrect examples of the American press' irresponsible journalism. The British press does fall into the same errors but not usually so wilfully. Charlie with his daughter is an entirely private matter and of no concern beyond them. It is wilful press interference in justifiable privacy.

"Maybe, if people's heads weren't buried in the sand of ignorance and they took the time to understand, instead of judging and thinking it won't happen to them because they have the perfect family, life would be a little bit easier for people that do experience this! This hits close to home for me, for family and friends who live under this shadow. The days of 'it' not being talked about or being taboo should be over. In the most difficult moments of life you realize who your true friends are, and the people who really appreciate you. Unfortunately, most social media 'friends' aren't true friends. They will send you a "like" here and there, but in reality, they do not take time to read your status if they see it's lengthy. More than half will stop reading right here, or have already scrolled on to the next post on their page. I decided to post this message in support of all those who continue to battle with their mental illness. (Suicide is at an all-time high). Now, let's see who will have taken the time to read this lengthy post right through to the end. If you have read everything so far, please "like" it so that I can put a thank you on your page. More mental health awareness is urgently needed. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean people aren't suffering. Please, try to spare a little of your time with someone who may just want to talk (about anything). Talking can help us all to cope a little more, keeping things bottled up just makes it worse. Most people will say, "if you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, I'll be there to help you" but will they? I believe a select few of my friends will post this, to show their support for those who may be struggling. You just have to copy and paste rather than sharing. I'd like to know who will take a minute out of their day to read this all the way to the end and then copy and paste it to their page, will you? If so, please write "done" in the comments. Thank you!"

To which I replied, "Existence is existence in what ever form. 'Friend' defines a particular type of relationship, like any other its definition derives from the motivation of the motivator, whether the medium is biochemistry or spirit. These things have to be seen in context."


It was Labour's socialism that determined acceptance of the EU's diktats without argument because it took away their accountability for what they knew the country would not accept. All that is happening now is the rational debate Labour were not capable of holding.


Boundary clarification. How many seats and what preferred size of constituency population?

Proportional representation. Which system?

House of Lords? Should it be elected or appointed and upon what classification? Originally based on the realities of the day: Spiritual; Legal; Defence; land ownership; hereditary entitlement.

Today? Spiritual but across the faiths (define), including pure secularism/humanitarianism (all appointed/elected by their respective churches); Legal, as is; Political (variable by proven worth, such as past ministers or retired professional senior civil servants and limited party nominations); representatives of Capital, Financial Services, Labour (all either retired or active, appointed or elected by their respective accredited bodies); Education (ditto precedents stated); Health (ditto); Other?

The whole re-viewable by a statutory committee reporting with recommendations to parliament on a ten yearly basis to cover relevance of classifications in the then current world. Modus operandi as at present.