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religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
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Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.

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Saturday, June 9th, 2018.

JUNE 2018


It was Labour and the Lib/Dems that denied us the political vote that turned commercial agreements on trade into political authoritarian diktat. As  Churchill said "Trust the British people". Labour refused to do so and the Tories took too long to get round to doing so. Neither presented a state of competent argument.
We would have had a perfectly harmonious relationship with the EU had France not panicked over the greater empire and commonwealth that we created, for which reason they denied us earlier entry and ensured the rationality and logic we would have brought was excluded from the EU's basic structure, leading them away from proper objectives.

From supplemented Facebook comments.

Saturday 9th June 2018
Alexander Armstrong on Classic fm thinks his two hour stint has gone quickly. For me the whole morning has dissipated in a moment. One of my most enjoyable Trooping the Colour broadcasts on a lovely not too warm day, though more than warm enough for the troops!
            So, a bite of lunch, oven clean, left too long and delayed because I use strong stuff whose can is littered with warnings for which purpose I delayed until I had acquired a decent face mask, which I now cannot find, so determined I wrap a tea towel round my nose and mouth! Job done for now but should have been done earlier but I’m getting there.
            Momentary pause: review, consolidation? My fatigue has lasted the longest I have known but not as long as some sufferers have reported. Not sure if I’m “on my way” but certainly experiencing a lift at the moment. Friends are suffering too, struggling with their own chronic health situations but currently wilfully aggravated by plain stupidity or bone idleness of others well paid for the jobs they are not doing. However, we do not know if they are not struggling with their own problems.
            Three are suffering with their own problems (in the same location) wilfully created by BT through an unusual situation but one with which BT should be well aware in that area. I too have suffered from BT, which prompted me to early join such weird institutions as “screaming.net” of which, for reasons now forgotten I became disembodied, perhaps due to using the services of two servers holding my various web pages. Fortunately, I am a belt and braces man and the English server cannot now make up its mind as to whether it is easily.net or easily.co.uk. Its incompetence has driven me up the wall and lost me my email facility.
            Fortunately I used it simply for a holding facility, apart from email. At the time of being on the town council and guiding the council and various charities in statistics the early days of the internet, my bulk demand made it worthwhile transferring to the States. Now, they are adding charges for using pound sterling and their rates have gone up, so is it was cost-effective as it was? Certainly when seen in the light of the time wasting effort Easily is causing me. The managerial incompetence matches that of Northern Rail! That is not a statement of biased chagrin. Current Google stats place them at the bottom of 10 while Hostpapa, an uninspiring name, is top. So far interactions have been very encouraging but… Easily persists in its incompetence.  
            Ah well, other complex factors with which I am dealing are coming to a head. There are glimmers of light. Knowing others are worse off gives a certain solace in feeling gratitude for one’s current ills, remembering I have experienced worse, that is life. It all builds to that confidence with which we leave this life and enter the next! Enough said for now. A new month, a new page change and another month archived. Perhaps I will soon be able to return to my family history work?

From a local pastor's email sermon. "Jesus’ family goes beyond blood relatives. Jesus' family is an open family with the door wide open for all of us. Yes, as individuals, we bring dysfunction and disharmony to the door with us - whether we think we do or not - but we can be assured that, in accepting God's grace-filled invitation and welcome, we will be asked in. And then we will be joining God's universal movement for the whole of creation: from fragmentation and conflict to unity and harmony - the greatest pilgrimage of all."

In my terms, that is acknowledging the universality of spirit and dismissing the divisions of religion.

The moment one ponders 'mood' one disappears into a labyrinth of similarities each with their own explanation. Psychology will list negatives but where are the positives? Psychology cannot be without biochemistry, which relates to physiology, so do we conclude that 'mood' derives from the mechanics of biochemistry?
Certainly, in my exploration and personal experience of 'fatigue' diverse emotions can be associated with various 'moods' so, are we really talking about our bodies being the cauldron in which diverse biochemical reactions take place; are stirred with what by whom to what purpose? Is the spoon our will, the stirrer our soul?
I quote from Stanford's introduction to Emotion. "In recent years, however, emotions have once again become the focus of vigorous interest in philosophy, as well as in other branches of cognitive science."
So, am I merely skirting the lakeside whose depths have already been well plumbed? Interesting.

Intelligence beginning to creep in. Many religions are overdue for a complete restock of their thinking.

Monday 4th June 2018
Kevin Cook Especially on canal tow paths, designed for walkers and horses I have been appalled at the stupidity of Parliament that withdrew the requirement of bicycles to have bells. We are encouraging the elderly who are increasingly hard of hearing to keep fit and the sudden awareness of a bicycle over-taking or coming up behind one unheard is frightening. There is a conflict on cycle protection from cars encouraging cycling on paths all the more reason to require a bell as advance warning.

Sunday 3rdJune 2018
Good morning world. Bright sunshine. On Classic fm, commiserations for those up early, preparing for exams. A Galway version of "Home Away" instilled a wistfulness in me bordering on melancholy, taking me back to childhood and placing me in a schoolboy memory cloud, recalling my own school days, exam agonies, my street, the people in it; the sun shining early in the morning; the shadows; the complete homeliness and extraordinary contentment. I have been fortunate in my childhood, parents, neighbours. It was a very happy period of time and place.

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Friday 1st June 2018
JUNE! Almost halfway through the year and only just appreciating summer. Frightening the speed with which life passes on.

So, we start the day by failing to start! EDF once more failing to understand their purpose is to render service but can't any more than rail companies can supply trains at all let alone on time! Happened to need the toilet at just after 05:00 when the power was lost again. This time it did not take out the main switch so I knew it was off for almost an entire hour. Time clocks have to be reset, just as they were supposed to switch in their various operations but fortunately early enough that one can start one's day more or less as one intended. There is no question this country is really falling to pieces after forty years of the damned EU.


It was Labour's socialism that determined acceptance of the EU's diktats without argument because it took away their accountability for what they knew the country would not accept. All that is happening now is the rational debate Labour were not capable of holding.


Boundary clarification. How many seats and what preferred size of constituency population?

Proportional representation. Which system?

House of Lords? Should it be elected or appointed and upon what classification? Originally based on the realities of the day: Spiritual; Legal; Defence; land ownership; hereditary entitlement.

Today? Spiritual but across the faiths (define), including pure secularism/humanitarianism (all appointed/elected by their respective churches); Legal, as is; Political (variable by proven worth, such as past ministers or retired professional senior civil servants and limited party nominations); representatives of Capital, Financial Services, Labour (all either retired or active, appointed or elected by their respective accredited bodies); Education (ditto precedents stated); Health (ditto); Other?

The whole re-viewable by a statutory committee reporting with recommendations to parliament on a ten yearly basis to cover relevance of classifications in the then current world. Modus operandi as at present.