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MALALA—a statement of the failure of religion:
religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. -Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)


Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields. 

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.
Also on Twitter as Peewit2 (he doesn't take it seriously) and on Facebook as himself (Peter.Such.5)


JULY 2014
Part 1
[from Tuesday 1st July to Monday 21st July 2014]


MONDAY 21st JULY 2014 [late late evening post]
Today, I pick up from yesterday. Yesterday The Sunday Times was one of the best papers I have ever read. Delightfully comprehensive in concise analysis of diversity. I would criticise in this way: description of a war going on in eastern Ukraine is to misrepresent the circumstances. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, eastern Ukraine is harbouring some indiscriminate and mostly drunken anarchists exhibiting an aggressive belligerence born of over-excited egos and general fecklessness. I am not sure over-exaggeration is helpful in a scenario of uncertainty. On this basis there is no reason why international airlines should deter from standard procedure.
          If it were the case, as many believe, that Russia has a hand in fomenting discontent, then of course it would mean that the insurgents are committing treason, not just civilian unrest. This puts their crimes and culpability in a far more serious light and it would be Russia's duty to declare this interest and appropriately warn international civil aviation authorities of the dangers the Russians are deliberately creating.
          A Channel 4 News despatch interviews the alleged criminal leader of the insurgents, one Alexander Borodai who seemed not to have any understanding of what he was supposed to be about in the situation. What the situation highlights is that similar irrationality has been played out in the western world. Many applauded Snowden's treacherousness but this latest incident shows precisely why it is so essential for our securities that the united States, the only country really capable of doing it, maintains the nous it does. It further highlights the irrationality and total wrongheadedness of the European court demanding that requested history of individuals be eliminated. We now know precisely why it is essential that such history is NOT removed or tampered with: Tweets have already been tampered with or erased specifically to cover up the evidence of wrong-doing. That simply must not be allowed.

SUNDAY 20th JULY 2014 [late late post]
Today has been very muddled, highlighting the contrasts and contradictions that are everyday life around the globe, largely unheeded, unless they land at our own doorstep which is, for many people, precisely what has happened. The collective whole has been brought into focus.
          Let's keep emotion at bay. What can one objectively deduce? An inability of many entities, claiming competence for management, incapable of managing and therefore unfit for leadership.
          At the nub is a commercial passenger aeroplane of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 believed to have been brought down in Eastern Ukraine by a missile, killing all people on board. The immediate, standard, international response is already coded by previous histories and the immediate duty of the persons responsible for the crash area is to implement already established, standard crash procedures. In this case, the reported people responsible claim to be protecting an egoistic interest in their local area and they consider their selfish "national" interests over-ride their international duty.
          I personally suspect it is simply because they are not competent and are a very frightened, inadequate people, the usual reason for flourishes of egocentric obduracy. What has therefore been established is that the local people, purportedly demonstrating against their own elected government have declared themselves inadequate for their claimed purpose and intent. Any reasonable interpretation of moral obligation means they immediately stand down and make way for the admission of the fitful, lawful authority of their own elected government. That is basic management and failure to do so is an admission of unfitness for purpose. This is not a matter for immediate concern but for bearing in mind for any future settlement of the Ukraine problem.
It is perceived that Russia has an influence. If this is so, then Russia is declaring, through its present conduct, that it too is totally out of its depth and keen to highlight the supremacy of the West's ability to handle crisis management. Russia's inadequacy clearly embarrasses it, which is why it is not coming up front and handling the situation openly.
          Russia is plagued by a disastrous history of national double-dealing, lying, cheating, fraud and mass murder. Corruption is an historical national currency. We have recently seen Putin chatting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. So, Christianity is a part of today's modern Russia. Let us therefore look at the moral arguments around us.
          We all know, if only from the modern equivalents of "Z Cars", that blackmail does not work: you never stop paying. Lesson? Kick straight into the balls and bash them over the head as they bend down to grab their tackle: that's the Israeli way with Hamas. Clearly, it is most satisfying, because they keep on doing it. There is a possible psychological caution: Hamas are masochists and just love it. This is the same psychology used by Islam, in sending young people out to blow themselves up and as many more people as they can who are next to them at the time. Presumably, this would give the imams, who send these young people out to perpetrate these disgraces, involuntary orgasm, as purportedly used to happen with a British high court judge when ever he had cause to pass the death sentence. This is why public executions were removed from public scrutiny because the Tyburn crowds got over-excited as the rope made the victims' feet do the "Dance Macabre". It is the same sadomasochist excitement that causes Islam to maintain public executions. Religious orientated punishments are matters of admission, confession, contrition, penance and forgiveness. Hardly a matter for public spectacle and nothing to excite the hormones.
           All these spectacles are going on somewhere in the world all the time, of which we are made aware yet remain of no relevance to us, they are all someone else's problem. Suddenly, a major incident across the road affects us all. There is nothing different in the several members of one or two families in the Netherlands, who have just lost so many loved ones, compared with the same number of distressed family members in Hamas, Israel, or Iraq.
          In the midst of life we are in death. The joy (for the football mad) of the World Cup just run; the excitement of the Commonwealth Games about to start; the remembrance of a superb Wimbledon, ending an excellent year for World Tennis. These are our triumphs in world participation. By contrast, everything else appears no more than little parochial issues.
           In the macrocosm of the House of Lords we had a superb debate on assisted suicide. In the  Church of England's synod we had the crucial debate on admitting women to the bishopric. In both places we had superb debate from both sides of the debate. Both places displayed quiet, polite respect for contrary views. The Church of England has agreed to manage diverse opinions in harmony within a collective unity. The EU has fine examples before it to do the same there: secularism given the chance to rise as intellectually high as the moral religious view; as high as the House of Lords rose, clearly indicating the rightness of appointed representatives not elected ones. The parallel with Europe is the wrongheadedness of the Lisbon Treaty, on which appointments should have been left to the heads of states NOT to the European Union. A choice option from which we have been deliberately excluded. Western democracy as exemplified by the EU is merely a temporary advertising hoarding to cover the shambles behind it.
          How can one combine such disparateness into a coherent rationale? Religion failed because it insisted on standardisation in the face of obvious diversity. Will secularism fail for the same reason, rigidity of control across diversity (Russian authoritarianism through fear and the EU's determination for uniformity, in direct defiance of the essential requirements of Flexibility, Adaptability, Malleability that are the essential perequisites)? Or is the root cause the egocentric selfish arrogance of mankind itself? Combine that arrogance with fear and you have a very volatile cocktail.
Let us turn back to religion Deuteronomy 30.1 "When all these things have happened to you, the blessings and the curses that I have set before you..." They are happening to us today. Has 2,000 years made any difference? We are blessed and we are cursed, all by our own hands. We abuse children for personal sexual gratification (the current paedophile furore); we abuse children indifferently (across the diverse Middle East problems and through the MH17 crash where 80 children died); we abuse children by failing to ensure their parents are economically able to feed and nurse them adequately; arguably we abuse children in our determination to "educate" them (actually indoctrinate) so they believe in what their parents believe rather than that they are truly educated to objectively think, assess and evaluate. This civilisation is, in short, a mess. What makes us think that two millennia from now the people living then will know anything more about us than we know of Mesopotamia, Peruvian culture; Egyptian Pharaoh culture. Everything digitised before we destroy ourselves, what is there left to show we once considered ourselves educated and conversed through written language?
           In plain straight speaking colloquial English, what a God Almighty bloody cock up!


REVIEWING THE WEEK   [late evening post]
Today is a time to relax, take stock and ensure I have sufficient energy to enjoy this evening:
This is the CHRIS Garrick side of the family, so it is very much a family promotion arranged by his mother Susan Garrick, the second wife (following my sister's death) of my brother-in-law Francis Beuttler, himself a professional timpanist and orchestral conductor.

It was even more incredible than his performances usually are. His fellow musicians happily showing their own talents, well matching his with the same casual assurance that comes from accomplished artistes. To simply say that a quartet was so adapt as to make versions of a Rachmaninov Piano Concerto and two or three orchestral symphonies or suites sound as magnificent as if they were being played by a full orchestra, says everything: save to add that the instruments on those occasions were: one of two alternative violins; a double bass; an accordion; one or other of two guitars plus a variety of other string instruments, such as a sitar, balalaika, or mandolin, dependent upon the harmony of sound required. Merely mentioning the foregoing, tells of the superb mastery of their instruments; superb mastery of instrumental sound generally; superb mastery of composition; superb mastery of tonal values.


FRIDAY 18th JULY 2014
Today was an interesting day. It started with a belief I was, or had had, a senior moment when I discovered I was missing a new packet of tablets, sufficiently powerful for me to be grateful I did not have children and therefore had no fear of untoward catastrophe, other than perhaps my mental stability!  Cool, calm, logical progression took me back to the chemist. They confirmed I had picked up the last lot due, confirmed there was nothing in the pipeline and also confirmed that i was due to have some more. I was finally reassured when i traced back to the surgery that I had simply made a mental note to re-request in a week's time, two weeks ago but actually had not done so. That was a pleasant surprise as it meant I had been so absorbed in what i was doing that i had completely forgotten my health state, effectively re-living as things had once been. There was another reason: the web site had given me the impression I had lost a packet (by refusing to let me re-order) but in fact there was something wrong at that end. Vast relief but it gave me an insight into what it might be like to suddenly realise I hadn't a clue what I had recently done and pitied even more that poor chap who has forgotten absolutely everything about himself.
Meditation is usually thought of as a religious preoccupation, or I have always so associated the word but then that could simply be my warped thinking. Is there any difference from praying? Which ever, for me it is simply a matter of emptying the mind and just being, allowing what ever thought enters to tease my awakening consciousness. I do this mostly walking Ashridge, as well as in church, just sitting in the Lady chapel because I happened to pass the door as part of shopping. Likewise in bed, a means of clearing the mind prior to sleep; or in the morning, prior to reviewing my intentions for the day.
           There is no obstacle to Christian unity but the obduracy of Rome and in that obduracy Christianity has much in common with Islam. Thus universally raising the question about progress and moving forward, effectively growing, maturing. Whatever interpretation one chooses, Life is a continual state of change, so why do we so wilfully resist change? We all do it. I know I am guilty. It is young people who seem preoccupied with wanting to change the world and old people who, historically, resent change. Perhaps my nature is intrinsically perverse; for the older I get the more I seem to want new horizons, new challenges, although I am continually irritated by the need to change passwords or access established systems in a different way for no other reason than security.
          Apart from my potential senior moment panic, this should have been a day of simply catching up on over accumulated bibs and bobs. Then I remembered the the Lords' debate on Assisted Dying. It is a long time since I have spent so much time following a debate and i always prefer the Lords to the Commons: that is the beauty of the Lords and why I am vehemently against any major change and most certainly do not accept the elected chamber concept the witless LibDems want. The Commons is all politics: the Lords, serious debating.
I am pleased to say I held much agreement with many speakers, which ever side of the debate they intended voting for. That the bill should go through to committee is without question. In principle, I have always favoured control over one's death, although never accepting suicide but quite rightly accepting that failed suicides should not be prosecuted.
           This extraordinary idea of some "claiming to be" Islamists wishing to die for Allah and take as many totally indifferent people as possible with them is just plain baloney. As for the idea that this suicide achievement will allow them intimacy with seven vestal virgins shows a somewhat muddled idea of Graeco-Roman history. There seems no comprehension that as spirit they would have no ability to physically enjoy themselves. Since so many of them already do this anyway on this earth, without the girls' permission, what is their gain? They make Islam out to be a very empty, meaningless religion without sense of decorum or personal accountability.
         Muddled up with culture, they persist in following four centuries old concepts while desiring modern conveniences and modern weapons. In principle, Christianity has been just as daft but despite moving on considerably it still has not moved far enough. It is only now, that he is no longer responsible, that we are gaining a clear indication from Lord Carey but unfortunately, the man most likely to be most aware of the world, Canterbury's present incumbent, still hasn't got the hang of it but what was clear from the Lords' debate was that making lawful what seems so simple and  straight forward really is not, legally speaking, that simple and straight forward. In my view, we made the decision to be born when in spirit, have controlled our lives ever since we were mature enough to do so and are fully entitled to control our end. If that is not to be so, then we must interfere worldwide and prevent all deaths that occur contrary to their owners' wishes: that's world government.

SPHERICAL OBJECTS   [mid-morning post]
In a report in Berkhamsted's local paper it has been revealed that on top of going on strike last week our taxes are being paid, not only to people who are paid sufficiently well they can afford to take days off without pay to deliberately disrupt their fellow citizens who are paying these inflated salaries but that some of these employees aren't even capable of doing the job we are paying them to do! Apparently, some aspects of High Street parking restrictions may be illegal, so for the moment, parking wardens are simply leaving warning notices, not issuing penalties, meaning their time is financially unproductive at us tax payers' cost! Meaning, we have to do what has been done all over again and it is going to take time!
          I will deal first with the newspaper. It is arguably the duty of the paper to make the public aware of sheer rank incompetence for which it has paid otherwise unknowingly. The paper does not state specific detail of which sections of the High Street are affected so perhaps that is mitigation. It merely defines as to when those sections were intended to be made law but for those who remember or are in "the know", they are informed. It is however a moot point.
          I now look at the present wage rates. When I was on council I specifically objected to the modus operandi of the negotiations on annual pay and method of calculation. To no avail, as my voice was a considerable minority with only one or two other independent councillors agreeing with me. What was envisaged then has now come into effect. The salary and wage rates are too high and we can no longer afford to maintain the differentials. Needless to say, everyone affected has become used to super pay rates and are now taking exception to being brought down to earth, nationally, by the very party to whom many of them contribute financially and the very trades unions that have just brought them out on strike, loudly broadcasting how overpaid they are when so many are still suffering at a very basic level.

It is all a matter of personal accountability. Religion used to have this hold and "vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord" is a reasonable maxim, whether or not you believe in a God created universe. In this time plane now we have only the law and that must be dispassionate and objective in execution. The accountability is in all of us. Who can honestly look the mirror (or the world) in the face and say "I have never done these things" but "I did and I was lucky, I got away with it!"
           The principle applies to all that is going on around us, not just on that particular stretch of highway at that moment in time. It applies to the irrationality of those wilfully abusing religion to cover their individual determination that the world should run round their specific ego and their way of seeing things, killing indiscriminately anyone with an opposing view.
It applies to all politicians standing for election. To what extent do they adapt the party line to what they think will get them elected, as opposed to what they should be saying to society and what society should be considering? It is we, collectively, who manipulate them, obviously or, perhaps more deviously, by implication.
The tragedy for this family and the futility of purpose is mind-numbing but, it is merely an incident upon a highway, in a purportedly civilised country, making out it is religiously orientated, although that is a separate distinction from civil, secular government. It is the state of world society, because every one of us is a member of that society and who amongst us gets up off their arse and contributes, if only by voicing their viewpoint in a manner appropriate to the particular moment and is not simply wrapped up in their own little world of self interest? That is the true cause of this tragedy. We claim to be a part of this world but clearly are not.

St Peter's Berkhamsted has some views on the Synod debate



OH FRABJOUS DAY!!!!   [mid-morning post]
In society, the conflict between social conformity and individual liberty is permanent, unresolvable, and necessary. -Kathleen Norris, novelist and columnist (1880-1966)

Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. -Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)

Now that the Church of England has at last picked up the challenge with which it first led over four centuries ago, embracing Galatians 3:26-28: "There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus." England can once more take up its leadership role in the world which started with Elizabeth I. We had thought, with the conquest of Everest, we had entered a new Elizabethan era with the coronation of Elizabeth II. We had but it is a different era for a different time and comes across in a different way.
          Stalled by a national church that did not understand the nature of Creation, that it is a state of continual change, we still had the courage to look beyond ourselves to the whole world; built an Empire so vast the sun never set upon it; had the wisdom (with a little persuasion) to turn it into a Commonwealth of Nations; then, without consultation of its people, travestied its entire history into submission to a bureaucratic cabal of the cavalier and witless, whose sole preoccupation was their own self-interest in which they were determined to keep out the rest of the world and not see the world as the oyster which had for so many years been England's preoccupation.
Now, once more, the Church of England takes its place in the forefront of world thinkers and leaders, leading by example, embracing the reality of Creation and gaining a space a little nearer to God, in which undefinable entity lies the centre of the collective whole.
Now, we can look the world in the eye. Tell the EU that diversity within conformity is the natural order; that the richness of Europe is its differences not a perversity to standardise throughout; that the richness of the world is its differences and that its needs are our needs, so that all may enjoy equitably what belongs to all of us, simply by our being here. As Eliot said, "Time present and time past are both perhaps contained in time future and time future contained in time past." (Four Quartets) Unlike Eliot, I believe that all time is redeemable. Let us pick up from Elizabeth I, from which time we have been too long sleeping, and get on with the job in hand. "'Oh frabjous day, callooh callay', he chortled in his joy." (Lewis Caroll The Jabberwocky poem from Through the Looking Glass")

TUESDAY 15th JULY 2014
There are many realities that need to be reviewed and for which new directions must be found. Religion has too long denied the reality of Creation: that it is a state of continual change. Rome wilfully denies "There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:26-28) The Church of England has at last confessed its four centuries' stupidity of only allowing one woman at its head instead of women throughout its ministry. Islam is only just realising it is four centuries out of tune with any concept of God's Universe and still thrusts the arrogant egos of those in wilful defiance of the very things in which they claim to believe. All must recognise diversity is an integral part of the whole and that common sense, rationality and objectivity are integral aspects of Creation and the fundamental basis of any relevant, serious religion.

LIVING REALITY [morning post]
Now the Church of England has finally recognised Galatians 3:26-28 "...there is no longer male or female..." perhaps we can get on with insisting religion, as a collective whole, moves its arse and remember that rationality and objectivity are part of any concept of God's Creation!
           In this, Islam can now be seriously questioned. Until now, British culture has handicapped itself with the Church of England's utter irrationality over women, in direct defiance of its own history (appointing Elizabeth I as Supreme Governor) and in wilful denial of the world around it: God's Creation as it factually is, not necessarily as the church teaches and that Creation is in a state of continual change in perpetuity.
           More over, the Church of England is precisely that: England's church. Purely because Rome, while itself quite happy to go charging into battle, literally in full body armour, refused England the same security, by standing upon principles of religion, which the church of Rome had already historically manipulated for the sake of politics and its own self-interested arrogance, mostly based upon power and control, always failing to explain how such conduct represented the carpenter, seeking to render service, in each of those subsequent periods of time.
          It is precisely that same male orientated arrogance that has catapulted Islam into the disgraceful state of affairs it is so keen to publicly broadcast. For this public dispute we can both thank modern civilisation, while at the same time accusing such technology as perhaps worsening the situation, by making so much publicly known at ever faster rates of knowledge. Technology does, however, give us the broad church of worldly debate. Precisely the nature and structure of the Church of England: a broad church of diverse opinion, lively, challenging and provocative.
           As history shows, civilisation takes a long time to assimilate change, despite change being the fundamental basis of Life. To get rationality factually into the Church of England's practical thinking there remains a rag tag gathering of hobbledehoys still needing a crutch: a religious parallel to the NHS in the practical world, where the costs of the sick and needy have to be borne by all of us, while at the same time expecting those that can to pay their own way where and when they can.
           We are at last finding Islamists of intelligence and ability who are prepared to come forward with a rational explanation of Islam and its relatedness to the modern world: recognising that Islam too, like Christianity, needs to come out of the Dark Ages. Incredibly, we are still finding people so appallingly ill-educated, or wilfully bigoted as to believe and to promote such thinking, that Evolution is provable by science to be nonexistent! Yet teachers are quite prepared to go on strike and to pro-actively oppose proper stringent examination into just what precisely is going on in our schools with the money our taxes provide!

MONDAY 14th JULY 2014
Today the Church of England finally recognised Galatians 3:26-28 ...there is no longer male and female... having conveniently forgotten that for nearly four and a half centuries it had enabled a woman to be Supreme Governor, while perversely deciding that no woman could hold any other lower office, the Church of England finally woke up to recognising its own damned fool stupidity. Utterly ridiculous. To then celebrate, as they did a week or two ago, twenty years of having women priests when they should have been hanging their heads in shame that they still couldn't be bishops, ridiculed the entire concept of the Church of England and made religion generally a laughing stock.

With the Church of England seemingly intent on not changing anything, we need to look at the whole question in an objective manner. It is quite clear that what ever conforming basis any branch of religion ever had, it rapidly descended into variations on a theme and most of those variations are directly attributable to religions' collective determination to deny the very thing it claimed to believe in: a God Created world and the reality of that world, which all around them they persisted in failing to recognise and acknowledge.
          They persisted in putting their interpretation onto what was God's world; persisted in seeing through their glasses darkly, tinted by a perverse insistence that Life still was as it had been previously described; that there was total unchanging constancy; that the viewers' perspective today was precisely the same as it was two or more thousand years ago; ignoring the obvious, that the people today were no longer the persons they all had once been and that the eyes to see were now more mature and experienced and seeing through their glasses less darkly.
           This is not to deny that there is such a thing as a spiritual entity/aspect of secular humanity: nor does acknowledging the mechanics of the universe and day to day living mean that secularism is without spiritual values. Nor does it mean that we must confine each to their own box. The EU, as a modern example, proves the stupidity of insisting that diversity must be governed by conformity, whose intent is to standardise. The greatness of creation is its diversity, an inherent, essential aspect of any concept of God. It is not that God changes, however defined by whom but that His Creation, by its very structure and intent, is in a state of continual change: that is its constancy. Only through time, an inherent aspect of Creation, can we begin to piece together the collective whole.
           The British Empire/Commonwealth brought about conformity through diversity. The Indian caste system was urged to be dismissed by the greater diversity of seeing people classified by themselves individually. Not with intent but in passing, the parallel can be seen in Galatians 3:26-28 [at the top of this page]. This is not reducing to uniformity, it is broadening diversity by further diversification: diversity, bringing the individual units into their own equal prominence, for their value as themselves and as themselves providing the unity of the whole.
           Another example is the recent news that the Indian caste system still exists, not just in India but here in this English realm but Indians opposed to this archaic codswallop expect the English government to do something about it. Louise Stewart in a BBC blog quoted Desraj Bunger, a leader in the Guru Ravidass Sabha UK Community says the government must take action. Jat Paul agrees and describes a recent incident involving his young nephew who tried to take a taxi home. He said the driver refused to take him home because he believed he was of a lower caste. He said the driver didn't want him in his car and told him, "you've dirtied my car by entering it".
           This cannot be classified other than extraordinary damn fool stupidity. It is no different from the ISIS lot, determined to demean their own religion by broadcasting their own interpretation of it and insisting their view is the only correct interpretation. In that, they are no different from the Catholic hierarchy four centuries ago, when Catholic priests thrust their selfish ego of control and domination for no other reason than their failure to enquire and understand their own faith: the carpenter desiring to render service, they felt was best represented by armaments and murder: absolutely no difference at all from the ISIS movement. Talk, discuss, oh no, we might be persuaded otherwise: KILL! So Christendom fractured and pursued alternative thinkers; but at least they were thinking men and diverted for sound arguable reasons.
           Islam too is split and not just by religion, culture confuses the issue and what too can best be described as damned fool stupidity. It is a matter of elementary common sense that if you have decided another country offers better opportunities than your own than clearly you need to understand that country: its culture and above all speak its language. Purportedly intelligent, educated Imams come over here, completely at sea and presume to thrust their views as being remotely relevant to the environment they have chosen to inhabit. Too late, it seems, we get intelligent and better educated Imams spouting how Islam should be but the damage has already been done.
           The parallel is the emigration from this country and Ireland. Dependent upon the era, emigrants believed they were heading for a new start, a better land, a freer, more progressive land where they wanted to start afresh in what they knew would be a new culture. It seems that Islamists have come over here to be the same as they were—so why come? Where is the logic to that? Or they come determined to change that which they came to, in a way deliberately determined to counter the very values they were coming to embrace. If not to embrace, accept and adapt to, why come at all, unless they wanted to be the new St Augustine? Even he was but a late follower of what had already arrived. Arguably, it was he who thrust the dominance of Christianity on to what until then had been accepted as a part of the way we lived.
           A parallel argument could be made for the importation of western values across the Eastern world and the European invasion of North America. How then comes enlightenment of who we are, if we are to dismiss these parallels? Only by acknowledging the realities religion refuses to acknowledge: that God's Creation was formed and is in a continual state of change and that we are designed to change with it as our understanding grows and as the rest of His world changes over time.

Now he's retired, Lord Carey wakes up and realises there is no problem with assisted dying. There never was. Now Welby, who gave the impression of being an archbishop for the modern day by having a sound financial and international business background, continues with the perverse argument against assisted dying.
           On top of which the Synod is continuing its asininity of the last four centuries. Having put a woman as supreme governor it persisted in arguing against women priests. Having recently celebrate 20 years of women priests, instead of hanging their heads in shame that the CofE still does not have a woman bishop they regard this as an achievement—being four centuries too late!
           Okay, society moved somewhat slowly and arguably four centuries ago. Then was a little too early to have women priests but in principle that is not an excuse.
           Having indicated, with women priests and now seriously TALKING ABOUT women bishops, the CofE might at last be meaningful again, it has chosen to show itself as daft and unfit for purpose as previously. We need now to dis-establish the CofE, insist that all schools teach comparative religion not a specific point of view, then we might gain a rational and competent society.


FRIDAY 11th JULY 2014
ME ME ME AND ME AGAIN [Mid pm post]
Increasingly there is too much twaddle on rights and the me me me brigade. We need to pay more attention to our individual accountability and personal responsibilities towards the collective whole. Such as not running our country into multi-billion pounds of debt through wilful mismanagement (Brown and Labour) and wilfully adding unnecessary burdens on the poor and disadvantaged as the trades unions did by striking yesterday.

Chuka Umunna MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on the announcement of a review into the sell off of Royal Mail, said:
          "By announcing this inquiry, the government is admitting what everyone else has known for months – that its privatisation was a first-class short-changing of the taxpayer.
          "Taxpayers have been short changed to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds while large City investors, who were placed at the front of the queue by ministers, have been laughing all the way to the bank at the public’s expense. There are (should be "is")a huge number of questions which ministers need to answer on the mistakes which have been made."
           What Chukka Umunna fails to remind us is that In 1997 Labour inherited a budget from the Conservatives that was actually in balance. After a painful and turbulent decade under the Tories, the public finances had finally been brought under control. But after four years in office Gordon Brown took out the country's credit card and let rip. By the end of 2009-10 our annual deficit had ballooned to £170.8 billion.
           Umunna bellied off on BBC Breakfast this morning berating the rank incompetence of losing taxpayers one billion pounds. That being so, what words does he use to describe Labour's 170 billion deficit when they were last in government? What attribution does he give to the negative attitude of the trades unions who scuppered all previous attempts to sell off The Royal Mail which Labour spectacularly failed to do several times and only yesterday the trades unions decided to take a whole day off work to demonstrate how overpaid so many of them are?



THURSDAY 10th JULY 2014 [morning post]
Labour MEP for the eastern region Mr Hewitt (pity we didn't get UKIP in as they are usually more sensible) has chosen to charge in, with the usual Labour empty-headedness, supporting the bone idleness and wilful management incompetence of his own party.
           The reason public servants are facing a curtailment of living standard hopes/expectations is entirely due to the Labour Party's inability to understand cost-effective utilisation of national resources. They preferred to squander our resources and to then pay rich, fat cat bankers interest to borrow the shortfall the Labour party created, from those bankers. This government is having to pay back that money which is why we cannot pay the trades unionists, who caused the shortfall of their the wages to which they think they are entitled.
           Trade unionists are also stating that, despite this disadvantage, they are rich enough to lose a day's pay, by deliberately causing mayhem and confusion to the sick, elderly and disadvantaged. These disadvantaged people rely upon the strikers' services for which they are paying, either in taxes or through not being able to be afforded further state help, because Labour has frittered away the resource to give further state help.
           One of the architects of this disaster was apparently a Scot, one George Brown, who is currently being charged by one of his own Deputy Leaders as sexist and who had two classifications of people: the unable and the not so unable. He arrogantly dismissed his own inability to add up as not being important, despite it being proved by the note left by his government to the present government "there's no money left in the till".
           It is trade union money, money from the present striking trade union members, who chose the Labour party to be there and have the present Miliband its leader, instead of the one who might possibly have more sense and be more capable. They should be demanding the Labour Party pay back their money for having failed them, instead of charging around the streets waving placards in the faces of the even poorer and more disadvantaged members of society than themselves, whose misery they have deliberately caused in the first place by supporting Labour and are today deliberately setting out to cause further misery and yahboo them in their faces.
           They need to look at Islamist ISIS. These mass murderers are simply saying, "we want the world to think and behave as we do". There is no difference. The trade unionists are saying exactly the same thing "we don't believe in the world as it is, we want it our way, even though it cannot be afforded, because we/our supporters put into government people who squandered the money they inherited and which all of us put there previously, when they came in to government. So in effect they are actually striking against themselves and their own activities/interests... and this is sound common sense.... and they hope that same party will be in power next year...! Where is there any rationality?
           You can only be paid what the product you sell can bear the costs as to the market place's ability to pay, make profit and continue to pay you. Exactly the same applies to the public service people. Services can only be paid for by people who are contributing to selling a product at a price that enables them to be paid a living wage, sufficiently taxed as to provide the funds for public service salaries.
           Further, it could be argued that the children teachers are teaching are experiencing a practical demonstration lesson in social service care and civics. Presumably just like the Islamists in Birmingham, who thought spending public money on taking only selected children (those inclined to be manipulable) to the Middle East to learn more about the secondary (and to many people largely irrelevant) aspects of life. Interesting. Sounds like indoctrination not education. Perhaps it is well if such teachers are on strike.
           Only very rarely is there ever cause to be as illogical and irresponsible as many (not all) trade unionists have been determined to behave today and these multiple excuses are NOT IT!

WEDNESDAY 9th JULY 2014 [morning post]
Harriet Harman is making a pig's ear of herself. She is one of the most able women in parliament and is now erratically bellyaching about past slights and complaining about insufficient spread of the diversity of UK population in parliament. Hang on. She's shooting herself in the foot. Didn't Labour ensure the education system is geared to bringing this about, in the sense of making children of these diverse backgrounds desire to achieve in parliament? They had nearly fifteen years in government to show this is happening in our society now, as it should be but somehow, according to Harman, it isn't?

TUESDAY 8th JULY 2014 [late after-noon post]
A Facebook post this morning: "Little wonder we even have religionists charging around determined to thrust their bigoted views and interpretations of God on everyone else. Not because they have strong faith but a lack of faith. They cannot contemplate alternatives, they are so frightened of thinking and meditating."
          This was in reply to this post."An Angel graced our lives... Sunday July 6th we got a call about two doggies left abandoned inside a house. The good Samaritan had seen the emaciated English Bulldog and Pit Bull. Ran home called us and went back with a bag of dry food. We arrived soon after. We think we have seen it all, but alas we haven't. Both dogs were taken to our DVM. These dogs were left nothing. I would have posted photo but it's so horrible I decided not to. I will share with you that although the English Bulldog has a fighting chance and is already in a loving home, the Pit Bull had to be put to sleep because it had eaten so much metal that it had not only perforated her stomach but some of her organs. She also had a poorly healed broken leg. Neither dog hurt each other while they were slowly starving, they were each other's companion. I cry as I post this. We named the Pit Bull girl Angel. We carried her lifeless body home and she has been laid to rest in a special place at our Sanctuary. We are so heartbroken today. We are just dumbfounded by the cruelty of some humans. You think we would be hardened by all our exposure but I swear we are more fragile each time. Maybe you might have some good loving thoughts for the Bulldog she still has a road to haul before she is okay. ~sounds of silent spirits volunteers.
In the human world we do the same to one another. So called Islamists, not just from ISIS who butcher in the most horrifying manner anyone who does not agree with them. What a statement of frightened inadequacy. What fear these claimed Islamists must feel that they are so lacking in their faith. So afraid to discuss. So afraid that Allah is so inadequate his cause cannot be explained, discussed, reasoned. Yet it is Allah that created the world, according to their belief and in that creation he supplied education and rationality of mind. These alleged followers cannot understand his love or accept his rationality, so they set themselves up as superior to him. How is that serving Allah? Yet in their expressions of superiority they can only demonstrate their inferiority, they must remove everyone who does not agree with their view which, in their arrogance they show as superior even to Allah Himself.
          Yet it is the Christian concept of God that embraces all. Christians' belief in Christ is so strong, He gives them patience; He gives them strength in a world of opposition; He assures them that all may be saved who believe in Him. Yes, the Christians themselves have shown loss of faith. They too have fought one another over the twaddle of different interpretations of His Meaning but God the Father is patient, is loving, reveals Himself over time as our understanding of Him flourishes through the passage of Time He instilled into His Creation. His Creation only appears to change, for over time, as part of that Creation, we come to understand. So, to us, what appears to change is only that our knowledge is enriched so we see through a glass darkly, then face to face, as all that which was always there at last becomes revealed.
          As a Christian, I weep for these lost souls that believe they have found a way but only by ensuring all see only what they can see. In the narrow tunnel of their limited vision they must destroy the very things they were meant to see and embrace. They acknowledge the reality of the 21st century by using its weapons of destruction; to remove what they do not wish to see and persist in only seeing what once was, many centuries ago; appropriate for those times but Creation has moved on with the Time for which it was created—a Time that is all time: Time present, Time past and Time future.

What is most interesting is that if Scotland goes it alone why would it want to then join the EU? The EU persist in denying independent thinking, that's its problem and why it would be good for the UK (minus Scotland if necessary) to leave. Are the Scots being irrational to consider independence or is the EU irrational in trying to standardise across the rich diversity of separate nations? It simply does not make sense.
          In the mean time, the Anglican church shows signs of acknowledging the reality of God's Creation. Ironically, in Australia, not London, when the Westminster power house seems under charge of harbouring child abusers. Perhaps they have uncovered extensive child abuse in Australia? There is a move to remove the inviolability of the priestly confessional, at least for crimes liable to sentences of five years or more relating to child abuse.
          The idea that any religion should consider it tolerable for a priest to be an accessory after the fact to serious crime, enabling the abuser to continue to abuse is beyond belief and another example of the total inappropriateness of religion. Doubtless why so much of child abuse under Catholic specific teaching has been hidden for so long. The latest scenario being the discovery of mass child graves in Catholic homes in Ireland where Catholics wilfully abused unmarried mothers and may have deliberately ensured their illegitimate children were starved to death. Is this way of worshipping a loving God any less condemnatory than the Islamists of ISIS in their butchery?

MONDAY 7th JULY 2014 [evening post]
A Facebook post this morning: "It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so. Robert A. Heinlein, science-fiction author (1907-1988)
A salutary warning at a time when the US is showing signs of muddle between state and private religious matters; when the UK is needing to ensure it is COMPARATIVE religion that is taught in schools not a specific indoctrination; when popes exhibit the arrogance of self, contrary to the declarations of the Second Vatican Council as at; when Islamists determine they will thrust their personal bigotries upon everyone else for no other purpose than to bolster their own deflated sense of self-importance and recognition of their own inadequacy."
The Hemel Hempstead Gazette provides a light introduction to Ramadhan and the St Mary's Northchurch Newsletter (not available digitally) provides a gloss over of the four gospels on the subject of unity, attributing it to Jesus' second coming; to be interpreted as a very drawn out process. The implication is that unity must contain diversity, not sameness or rigid conformity, or is that a translation over time problem?
          However, religion's view conforms with the secular reality of the creation religion claims is God inspired but declines to acknowledge the reality it is in today's band of time and understanding. An Australian court has stopped the Australian government from deporting a current batch of illegal immigrants. Europe recently received a boatload of dead illegal immigrants. We in the UK are incurring astronomical costs factually and by unnecessary diversion of essential security resources preventing and discovering illegal immigrants. We have been bamboozled into officially taking in some such immigrants, despite the amount of money we have been giving at the root cause.
           If we are to be forced to incur the costs without the ability to remove such illegals from our country then we and other countries must be empowered to deal directly with the recalcitrant countries and organise their governments into making their country habitable for those so desperate to leave; the authority of superiority being clearly the desire of so many to leave in such desperate circumstances.
          Behind this lies an implicit implication of world government. That brings us back to the EU. In principle there is nothing wrong with the EU concepts, it is the detail and the way implemented that is the problem: just as was the case with the Christian concept espoused in The Gospels but not followed by Christ's practical example by His Church. The determination to thrust conformity across a Creation reality that speaks continually of diversity and continual change. 
          In the same Christian vein was Louis Zamperini, whose death has been announced today. Forgiveness was his motivation. Through Christ may we all be forgiven and through Christ and through His Father's forgiveness may there be that welding of uniformity across the diversity that is the natural state of His Creation. That Second Coming, to which we are destined by that original Creation, may be the welding of secularity with spirituality. The two will be seen as one and the same: the spirit, encapsulated in the secular, as the plane of the the moment, merging Time past, Time present and Time future as Eliot envisioned in the Four Quartets.

SUNDAY 6th JULY 2014 [noon post]
The National Board of school governors is making a pig's ear of a simple "wake-up". The 1944 Education Act requiring morning assembly, Christian-orientated should be transformed to a multi-religious morning session. It is comparative religion that should be part of the curriculum, perhaps allied to civics which apparently is another subject missing from general education.

Side-tracked for the moment. Just posted this on Facebook: "Oh to be in England. Men's finals at Wimbledon, now. Next week, its the Chelsea flower show. Then the first performance of this year's Promenade Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, when we edge a few weeks later to that last great night. Then a touch of autumn will be scented in the air. Thank you lord for the great uniqueness that is the cultural diversity, deep intellectual challenge, sheer beauty of natural and artistic endeavour that is this England. God Bless you England and all you contain.

SATURDAY 5th JULY 2014 [evening post]
Opening parcels is always exciting, even when it is you who ordered the goods, so you know what is in the parcel when it arrives. Nonetheless, there is that superb moment of penetrating the unknown, like saying "hello" to a new lover, be it in bed or at the restaurant door.
          In either case there is that moment of first encounter. To paraphrase Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one sees; one observes; then one investigates and explores. I feel that I have been very fortunate for choosing to be borne in this era at this time. Such a diversity of change gives one an insight into previous periods of rapid change and one wonders and tries to understand the trauma of individual lives having to cope with change, in various states of being equipped to cope... or not to cope. Here, I cannot avoid another side-swipe at religion, certainly the Christian religion, which has so wilfully misadvised Europe's progress forward when, arguably, a basic understanding of other religions might have prepared the population better for moving on: yet those Eastern cultures did not desire progress as we understand it today, ultimately taking progress by force of circumstance secondhand from Europe.
My time in printing has experienced almost the full gamut of processes, including carton making which, especially today, is a practical application of origami. Apart from broad band Sellotape to seal the package, the package was designed out of one piece of corrugated cardboard, including a clever manipulation of slotted cut and creasing, enabling part of the sheet to turn round on itself and work in a counter position without separation.
          The package contained two books and they were unexpected. At the price I was paying I had expected paperbacks. I had two full cased books, produced as a block. That is to say they were square-backed, glued like a block as with paper backs. There was a French groove to produce a hinge, enabling the case to open but no rounding as would be required for a sewn book. How long they will hold together remains to be seen. Graphic examples of what I am describing can be found here and here.
          As for the books themselves Gwen's Latin was a recommendation from The Daily Telegraph and tied in with my previously mentioned Latin revival church service. I decided to brush up further on my Latin. In so searching I discovered Gwynne's Grammar which made me realise how out of date my resources are, not that I refer to them that frequently but their availability to hand is a great comfort for that odd moment when my brain goes completely haywire.
          Now that I've checked, my Fowler goes back to 2004, one year earlier than my latest New Hart's Rules but my Butcher goes back to 1994 and I dread to think how old is my Webster's. Increasingly the web is fine for immediacy but for authority I still prefer to go back to conventional print on paper but times they are a changing with increasing rapidity. Fowler used to be the Civil Service reference book for letters and internal communications. However, I will pursue both Gwynne's with interest. More books for which to find space... I have great difficulty throwing anything out, especially books and I use mine carefully how ever much referred to.

FRIDAY 4th JULY 2014 [late evening post]
This seems a simple and practical view of life but like so many platitudes or slogans it has to be seen in context. BBC Breakfast this morning cited the case of a young man who had been killed in a road accident where the street lights had been turned off for economy.
           There is the tragedy of his sister prepared to come forward over the issue. Lovely, attractive young girl and a photograph of her brother, an equally handsome young man, a student. As admitted, the coroner found many factors contributing. These included the young man, a pedestrian, being drunk, wearing black clothes. Other issues were mentioned but not reported.
           Safety is an obvious factor but due care is a requirement upon all of us and personal accountability is an integral part but not obviously to the fore when we discuss a whole variety of issues involving society generally, as to who should contribute what, to what extent. Health care being the most expensive and diverse issue.
           On the same day, my local paper reported a local accident. A week earlier Waitrose had included a charity support for a tri-county ambulance helicopter facility as one of the three charities that week, the charities being taken from a list of recommendations from the public.
           As the article correctly notes, there was no indication at that stage that speed was relevant, as there had been concern expressed previously at excessive speed from vehicles, despite  a 30mph limit in that area. This raises another issue, that of personal accountability. At all times throughout life we are each of us in charge of a container of volatile biochemistry, the stability of which is subject to: state of health, through natural process; aided and abetted by deliberate stimulation (through medicine or nonmedical drugs); ageing; physical or mental impairment.
          It is our duty at all times to be fit for the road. It is also our responsibility at all times to be fit for our physical bodies and to ensure we are always in control of them, no differently than when driving a motor vehicle. We have to get back to pro-active, conscious realisation that we are all personally accountable for our interactions, at all stages of our life, through all time of that life, on the effect our presence has on this planet. This has nothing to do with concepts of God, science, or God working through since. It is an elemental fact of physical reality by simply being.
          In this particular issue, we have to see street lighting in terms of its litter nuisance around areas where it is not needed; in terms of wasted electricity and the natural resources from where that is gleaned; the poor of the world requiring basic food; the fact that traffic has its own lights for many miles of roads where there is no lighting; driver responsibility for driving within a speed appropriate for the road conditions, lighting or simply weather; pedestrian responsibility for awareness of the world around them (in this case the victim was drunk). There is personal tragedy for the family but there is also personal responsibility of the victim and none of us can expect the world to look after our personal safety, other than in the context of society, and that within the context of cost-effectiveness in terms of actual cost and also in terms of earth resources and the needs of other societies.

Interesting someone is suing the Ritz for allowing them to gamble and lose £2million. The argument would seem to parallel the responsibility of a landlord's accountability to run an orderly house and not let people leave his premises too drunk, or stop them drinking when he thinks they have had enough. On the other hand, why did an inveterate gambler stay in an hotel they knew offered gaming tables and is not the court case simply another form of gambling?

On May 4 The Observer observed Labour were considering renationalising the railway network. Have they really forgotten how disastrous is state commerce? Admittedly the denationalising wasn't sensibly done. Competition, in my view, would have been better inculcated if they had restructured along the original private company structure: the operator for each line being responsible for the infrastructure. That way we would have had real and easily observable competition between bus, car, plane and amongst themselves: West coast line, East coast line and the diverse southern routes.
          However, as is so often the case, the real facts are that the state should consider itself a contender for its own contracts. That is more rational, provided true independence of assessment can be made.

A few days ago The New York Times majored on this debate. "As the Rev. Justin Wylie took the pulpit at the Church of the Holy Innocents in Manhattan last month, anger and anxiety emanated from the pews. The church is the only one in New York City to offer a daily traditional Mass, but an archdiocesan panel had recommended that it be closed.
Father Wylie, a visiting priest, urged parishioners to be obedient but also to speak up, as traditionalist Catholics, for a place in the church, saying they should not be “turned out like squatters.”
It was an unusual moment of open criticism by a Roman Catholic priest of church policy in New York. And the reaction was swift. Within two weeks, Father Wylie was reprimanded by the New York Archdiocese, and in short order he was dismissed from his job at the Mission of the Holy See at the United Nations.
The episode has underscored the nervousness among conservative Catholics, who were embraced by Pope Benedict XVI, about where they stand under the less doctrinal papacy of Francis. Many liturgical traditionalists are closely watching the situation at Holy Innocents. Some of them simply prefer the old liturgy and music, and others want to roll back the changes of the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. "
Now that last sentence is significant. A few weeks further back than this even I myself had attended a Latin Mass in the Protestant tradition. My home church is High church Anglican and almost as near to Catholicism as Protestantism can be while still remaining Protestant. My reasons are complex and more to do with associated sociability than God related matters. My then parish rector departed to All Saints, St Margaret's Street London which struck me, when I visited it, as being as close to Rome as a Protestant could get. Earlier, following the Latin Mass he had conducted in Great Berkhamsted's St Peter's I asked him if he was heading for Rome but he denied that he was.
It was interesting to find how easily we could get through a Latin service but asking a small, mid-week congregation of many former pupils of the four hundred year old independent school the other side of the churchyard wall, was probably not a fair assessment of what could be expected!
One aspect of the New York issue was the Catholic church's indecision. Pope Benedict had apparently encouraged the 444 years old Tridentine Mass, saying all Catholics had a right to celebrate the Latin Mass, in deliberate contradiction to the message of the Second Vatican Council,that the church should move forward.
That is the problem with moving forawrd as time and creation demands of us and which too much of religion stands steadfast i n opposition... and is it fair to charge religion as being the cause of our unwillingness to accept change as it is both inevitable and a natural part of creation?
          It was interesting reading that "Attendance at Sunday Mass has nearly tripled since 2009," and then reading that "Faced with a shortage of priests and a declining number of parishioners, the New York Archdiocese — which includes the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and seven counties north of New York City — has been determining which of its 368 parishes it will shutter through a planning process called 'Making All Things New'."
          Excluding the statement on priests on which I have no cross-reference, this diminution of support parallels successive reductions in numbers reported annually over the last few years in Free church statistics.

THURSDAY 3rd JULY 2014 [noon post]
Towards the end of the second week of Wimbledon. Discipline means that strawberries and fruit, generally with extra thick double cream have been indulged but only last night I needed to place a second bottle of champagne in the fridge—I needed a clear head to try and do some work so had abstained extensively and with a decent bottle stopper designed for champagne one bottle can last over two or three days in a fridge without problem!
           So, what do I mean by "normality", simply living without divergence from Wimbledon, world news or events. I am beginning to notice the ease with which my condition of phases of tiredness/fatigue/exhaustion, it is always difficult to define, slows up what I try to do and the balance between accepting it realistically and bowing to the opt out of life ageing ultimately demands. I find still a pile of unread, or perhaps more accurately 'unexplored' as they were originally bought for a specific purpose, newspapers having already deposited a box for the refuse collector. They used to be called 'dustmen' and those open carts did indeed deposit dust all over the street during hot summer days.

The local paper headlines its front page "Rise in Forced Marriages". Simultaneously a Facebook feed highlights the contrasts of attitudes to dress with a cartoon of the backs of a Catholic priest and a nun, who they are only being determined by the second cartoon showing their fronts. In response, I posted:
           Brilliantly exposing the codswallp too many westerners unthinkingly, or wilfully ignorantly, burble. However, countering this: where is the logic of entering a bank in a face mask like a seventeenth century highwayman? Islamic men have been known to dress in drag to escape lawful police pursuit, yet Islamists persist in disliking sexual variety or confusion.
           Why should Islamic women not dress as if they are waiting for John Hanson to come charging on stage on a horse to tuck them under his arm to rescue them, if that is what they dream?
           Shouldn't we all wear face or at least nasal and mouth masks when suffering a cold out of consideration to everyone else, just as many Japanese or cyclists wear them to avoid breathing in traffic fumes?
           However, there is also a cultural determination to wilfully abuse women through Female Genital Mutilation and to further abuse women by forcing them into a marriage they have not been given a chance to consider is appropriate to them. There is still a most extraordinary determination across a diversity of cultures for emotionally inadequate men to persist they are fit to be in charge, simply because they are male.
           A lot needs sorting out and it seems that the rationalists must no longer hold back. That means secularism must no longer tolerate the intolerance of culture and religion and ensure no exemptions to laws for everyone else are made for religious excuses.
           The need for secularism to consider pro-active involvement, rather than passive acceptance is because it is quite clear that religion is an excuse for too many to promulgate their wilful criminality and the apathy of those whose faith is being wilfully abused to pro-actively do anything about it.
           The Isis declaration of establishing mediæval rule across a territory that is not theirs, using 21st century armarments in the 21stcentury, speaks simply and clearly of the sheer asininity of religion.
           At the same time, The Times front page for Monday June 30th announces Osborne's intention to join up the tax systems. This has long been waffled over. Let us hope this time something happens. It is yet another example where secularism deals with the realities of life while religion pontificates on its own mindlessness of utter irrelevance.

The same paper quotes Dominic Kennedy's review of a compelling study revealing what I have believed for some time, that so-called leaders of the Islamic community are not only self-appointed but also tend to come from marginal sects originating abroad.
           Effectively, the article recommends Innes Bowens book Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent: Inside British Islam. In a lively, gripping style, the author provides an authoritative insight into the squabbles, manoeuvres, piety and prejudice that usually stay behind closed doors. That is the Islamic problem, or the problem of Islam, that is it not coherent. Not that centralised authority has helped Christianity, which is no less muddled than Islam.

TUESDAY 1st JULY 2014 [late after-noon post]
All players at Wimbledon are the best in the world, they have to be to get there, however short their stay and however low down the ratings BUT when women play as superbly as they have over these last few days, showing not only skill but physical ability and mental determination, one has to look at oneself and man's history over time and ask, how could things be as they have been for so long unchallenged and such challenges as there were, being so easily dismissed to the sideline?
           Even in England and America, women are still not as profligate try head ate in the option stakes as men and in the wider but (in my view) less informed world, there remain men determined to make more of an absolute mess than man already has made. We have it staring us in our face every day. Male supremacy is a con job and preoccupation with individual arrogance MUST be brought to heel, reined in and follow the Christian concept of rendering service to the collective whole, not bully, bluster and pursue self-interest.
           That is not to say women too do not have their failings and perhaps one of those failings is failure to push themselves in a meaningful and acceptable manner. American Democrats have them, although not seemingly the Republicans and still too few. The UK has them. Some in the Lords, a unique way of bringing women into political life as a result of an already proven personal track record. Labour and the Tories have them but not in sufficient numbers and the LibDems started with some but they all seem to have demonstrated they did not actually understand law and constitution and weren't really up to it, choosing to defame the man who got their party into government in the first place! Even their men MP's don't make statements unless the collective whole has already told them what they are supposed to think!
           Ah well. Creation continues in its own sweet way, changing and adapting according to time's progression. If only those who claim this continuum is a God created universe would actually accept the reality of what they believe, that things continually change and we ourselves change as our understanding grows and would accept those simple realities, instead of rejecting or simply ignoring the proven facts of what they claim to believe because it means they have to think, all over again! God does not change: only our understanding and appreciation of Him and His Creation. Where is the problem in accepting change and the changing of our understanding as we try to learn more?

As stated previously this morning, this has been a disappointing day having been too tired to make a luncheon date but at least I afford to simply shrug my shoulders (it was a pre-paid occasion) and take the risk. All part of being involved in the whole in some way.
           Wimbledon's schedule was changed due to rain, so trying to record was not an option and messing around with BBC Player isn't so enjoyable but watching as play rolled on was pleasant and I chose to follow lunch with not only the intended strawberries and cream but, for the first time this fortnight, I opened a bottle of champagne, having previously declined as I was trying to do some work! I even managed to put my yesterday's bought plants (beginning to show signs of stress) into the flower tubs, so was feeling glad I had succumbed rather than persevered against my exhaustion. Apparently Serena Willliams has experienced an even greater disappointment, feeling unwell on Wimbledon's court in full public view and having to likewise accept the reality of her health as the fact it was. I'm just tired and don't have to think straight for the rest of the day!

CONFUSION ALL ROUND [mid-morning post]
Life is always complicated but finding irrationality or uncertainty a common cause for doing something does not seem to me to legitimise any action.
           Chuka Umunna for Labour agrees Osborne is right to want to divert present, overly London-based concentration of business interests, wider around the country. Apart from saying (which he did not) that he was simply copying Osborne (if not, why did Labour not lead with this fifteen years ago?); and while complaining the Tories had not brought down debt as quickly as they had said they would, while failing to mention it was Labour that incurred the debt in the first place, it would seem Labour simply continues to be going in two opposite directions at the same time.
          Miliband has just been waffling, in an appallingly badly laid out "theatre" on a factory floor, seemingly confused with a circular audience but a TV camera in one fixed position. Now he's acknowledging that regional assemblies was another Labour mess! Once more, simply going round in circles! He even wants local banking. We had localised banking, more than a century ago, that's how they started and they gradually went bankrupt, which is why they converged into five then four big banks... and then still got themselves into a mess—aided by Labour!
          Apart from religion always being at odds with itself and mostly everyone else, Israel persists in being internationally illegal in land management, while seemingly jumping to conclusions and using the latest outrage as an excuse to once more launch into an attack against an established and preferred opposition without checking. It seems not to occur to the Israeli government that it could all be tantalising manipulation to put them permanently in the wrong... again. No wonder it was incredulous for the Jews to accept Christ as one of theirs!
           Meanwhile, factions of Islam persist in being modern in warfare and yet ancient in philosophy and living. Total meaningless chaos in both sectors. It is time for secularism to take control and let them all religion simply go hang!
           Now, the international court of Human Rights has opposed a woman's complaint that not being allowed to wear a full face veil infringes her human rights, due to the French edict against full face coverings. Here again purported religious need is supposed to over-ride national convention (in this case in fact overall western convention). There are sound reasons medically for wearing mouth masks and sometimes a nasal cover as Japan shows us, to help prevent infection, or prevent breathing-in toxic traffic fumes: some cyclists wear them in London but in an age when security is an essential concern seventeenth highwaymen coverings are clearly not appropriate.
          We do not yet have the full written proceedings of argument but there would appear to be a clear inference that secular EU was foolish in bowing to perceived religious ideas that women cannot be priests, which is why churches were exempt from the need for equality of sex in employment issues. Perhaps the EU would like to look at this irrationality, rather than persist in trying to standardise across diversity, following exactly what religion generally has show across a few thousand years, that standardisation across diversity is irrational and does not work! Why else are religionists arguing amongst themselves what they started arguing about many centuries ago? Again, on this issue Labour and the LibDems believe economic and political control is best served devolved, yet neither party will give the British people the option of determining whether we wish to be in or out of Europe, which persists in denying individual nationality and insists in standardising across Europe's diversity, just as religion has shown is irrational and has been predetermined to prove!
           Mumsnet is trying to eliminate Prime Minister's Questions. They have a point in terms of its public school bun fight scenario that often develops but girls' boarding schools can be just as bad! The key issue is that the centuries established principle is flexible enough to adapt to all change in the way of modern alacrity. Standardised structuring would simply destroy the essential essence: meeting the requirement of the key issues of the day—Flexibility, Adaptability, Malleability!

The irritation of auto-immune problems has struck again! Yesterday was all full of energy and doing and planning a full week ahead. Today, my advance warning failed to advance warn until the day and I was supposed to be having lunch in London, for which I had previously paid a month ago. Too tired! all energy just evaporated following a disturbed night. Ah well. Others have worse problems and there is some good tennis but I am going to have to find the energy to plant some plants I bought yesterday! C'est la vie!