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UBUNTU I am because of who we all are.
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MALALA—a statement of the failure of religion:
religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
Neither praise nor shoot the messenger: the message is all.


Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields. U

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.
Also on Twitter as Peewit2 (he doesn't take it seriously) and on Facebook as himself (Peter.Such.5)

Last published: Thursday, February 19, 2015 23:06
It was Labour and the Lib/Dems that denied us the political vote that turned commercial agreements on trade into political authoritarian diktat. As Churchill said "Trust the British people". Labour refused to do so and wtih the LibDems Labour STILL refuses to do so, hence our present mess.

We would have had a perfectly harmonious relationship with the EU had they done so, for the British people would have demanded the basic common sense that is our inherent nature before agreeing anything. Clearly neither Labour nor the Lib/Dems possess the necessary courage... or is that simply arrogance, or fear of contrary opinion due to their own uncertainties

ASH WEDNESDAY 18th FEBRUARY 2015 [after-noon post]
I have previously debated the concept of "evil", relying upon an article in The New Yorker as a viewpoint with which I can identify. Referring to my main base for authoritative reasoning (Oxford) we find two and a half paths to an understanding of "proper conduct"—I am not overly happy with the utilitarian view of moral values, hence the 'half'.
          Being the son of an army officer I am more than a little surprised to find, in my oldering(!) age, that I am not as sure with concepts of duty as I once was and Aristotle's views suddenly seem so very socialist and wishy-washy, seeming more "we must follow the rules", rather than "we must be open-minded to variations upon a theme".
           It seems, at last, that there is a certain amount of 'coming to a head'. Trying to take a Christian-orientated view, I looked at Islam, seeing it as being just as confusing to understand as I suspect Christianity must be to a nonWesterner, with all its historically established diversities. It is now increasingly clear that we must separate those who actually are Islamist and understand their faith, from those who claim to be Islamist but specifically proclaim, through their actions and communications, that they have not a clue as to what Islam is about. IS quite clearly does not understand Islam and that is a convenient label for all those others claiming to be Islamists who in reality haven't a clue as to what they are talking about, let alone for what they are declaring themselves.
           My initial responses had been with the humility of acknowledging the West's own historical failures and how it too had been stupid enough to misunderstand the true nature of Creation, if interpreted as a God concept. Led by the Church of England (CofE), now that it has once again acquired moral authority through recognising women, not only as priests but as bishops and ultimately as potential Archbishops of Canterbury, we British can speak with some weight of moral authority.
           Coupled with this, we have the Ukraine situation, wilfully stirred up by the inadequacies of the new Hitler, Putin. Like Hitler, Putin is an emotionally inadequate man who regards himself as so important as to be unable to sustain any slight. I previously wrote that my views on the Ukrainian situation were: that the West should have some understanding of the arguably justifiable fears a large minority of its population might be experiencing: a serious minority, unwilling to let go of the surety of their past and the historical fact of Russian influence.
           We have an exact parallel in the conduct of the CofE. Half a century ago the CofE refused women priests. It has just agreed to women bishops (the legislation for women to be diocesan bishops has yet to go through). Had the CofE accepted women priests some 450 years ago, society would have collapsed in panic. The animal instinct within us looks to male supremacy and to maintaining the status quo, which is arguably the main cause for religion's failure to accept Creation as a state of continual change, despite a clearly implanted arrow of Time moving forward.
           It is this inherent animal nature within our biochemistry that makes change a highly complex experience and why we have Islam, still steeped in the Mediæval Age; the Church of Rome lagging behind the CofE; the CofE itself, long outclipsed by the Free Church movements and now the "happy clappy" brigade.
           This is why I have been reticent in disclaiming the IS "freedom/independence movement". Is it not that 'established' society has let us all down? Or is it simply that modern society is too open and cannot cope with the freely expressed diversity we need to accept to truly understand the reality of Creation. It is religion that has so steadfastly refused to acknowledge and help us understand, for reasons of its own self-interest for supremacy, due entirely to its fundamental error of male pre-eminence.
          It is Ash Wednesday, so I break off to attend a special evening Communion to start Lent.

TUESDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2015 [after-noon post]
The bishops have decided to speak out, encouraging engagement in the forthcoming general election. Now that we are nearing the point when women can be full bishops (we only have a suffragan bishop so far) the CofE at last feels confident in taking a full part in the realities of daily life. "Hello and welcome!"
          Half a century ago the CofE decided it wasn't up to the job, by deciding women could not be bishops and effectively abandoning any sense of moral authority let alone leadership. Now that the CofE is once again becoming meaningful it will be good to hear some authoritative moral opinions.

WEDNESDAY 11th FEBRUARY 2015 [morning post]
"PINK CHAMPAGNE" [morning post]
was the title of the local operatic society's rendition of "Die Fledermaus" some sixty years ago. I remember my father (retired Major, Royal Military Police) being a little perturbed when (in retirement) I talked him into buying a pink shirt for a change and to be bold in simply displaying himself, in defiance of conventional expectation
           Now it seems Labour is wishing to go backwards and once more put labels on people! They call the colour "magenta" which is cost-effective! Four colour printing produces every colour under the sun. It doesn't actually but effectively makes things appear that way: yellow, cyan (a light blue), magenta should be sufficient but lack of purity in pigments, lenses, filters etc means a black is required to add definitions to shadows. Its also needed anyway for text.
           It is noticeable that fewer politicians wear ties according to their political party persuasion, edging towards the required courage to be simply themselves, or show they have some understanding of sartorial elegance. "We're all growing up!"
           Apparently Labour has no intention of growing up and still prefers to place all things possible in specific boxes clearly labelled. That's the unions behind them! Rigidity of thought in defiance of reality, just like religion that for two thousand years made the same mistake, in direct defiance of their own claimed beliefs, as to the nature of Creation! FAM should always rule: Flexibility, Adaptability, Malleability!

TUESDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2015 [morning post]
So far Balls being rational at the British Chamber of Commerce. The fault over the EU lies with ourselves: we are historically globally orientated then suddenly Labour and Lib/Dems decide to concentrate on political union with the EU, which is not relevant to our "natural" world trading position. Business people must recognise the EU is merely a part of the world and NOT the world. Labour and businesses have the EU feeling and being regarded as too important. Neither Labour nor the Lib/Dems have yet grasped this.

MONDAY 9th FEBRUARY 2015 [after-noon post]
Extra parental pay costs businesses at the very least in the loss of costed hours through absence. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is to denude someone of source of pre-planned income (£150 million) which means a further "tax" on us the taxpayer! The state NEVER pays for anything ONLY the taxpayer pays if honest and does not know any rich banking directors or does not deal in cash!

SUNDAY8th FEBRUARY 2015 [after-noon post]
In the Andrew Marr Show [BBC1) Marr is being ridiculous which is disappointing, he's usually intelligent. The 'forced' increase on interest rates for 65+ savers is merely balancing the odds against them as their contribution to the overall deficit with which Labour wilfully lumbered us. Over the the last few years my personal loss runs into five figures, as a direct result of reduced interest rates, compared with previously anticipated annual income, specifically designed to ensure I am not a burden through social care needs on other tax payers (on which income I would naturally have paid tax, further contributing to reducing other people's burdens),
          This resource arises through responsibly taking due care to cover potential but unproved (so far) extra costs for old age provision. When we can afford it, we all need a rise in interest rates but have see that desire in relation to the needs of the collective whole.
 Prince Charles rightly and appropriately chimes in on a range of issues, simply by being where he is, due to being who he is. This is the superb nature of the British monarchy no other country can match.
           As Mahatma Gandhi famously said: “Truth is one, paths are many. The way that can be spoken of is not the eternal way; the name that can be named is not the eternal name.”
          "Spiritual truth, which is the source of all truth, is something to be realised by our whole being and cannot be successfully intellectualised." That statement is to be found on the website of the Aetherius Society.

WEDNESDAY4th FEBRUARY 2015 [after-noon post]
James Landale presents arguments over English votes only on English laws. What is not mentioned is that if we gain the referendum on the EU we may find ourselves determining Scotland's independence for Scotland by default, as Scotland perversely wants independence anyway, which means we will have to control the border between England and Scotland if we later decide to exit the EU, yet Labour are more than happy for Scotland to run us while being determined that the EU will run all of the UK. Scotland is happy with that but the English and Welsh have never been asked! Meanwhile no one seems to have given a thought for Ireland
          So it is with Saudi. The power behind the throne is the self-interest of hidden priests, bolstered by the indoctrinated mass of a population discouraged from objective rational thinking, just as the Roman Catholic church indoctrinates its flock, to massage its priests' sense of authoritarian self-importance.
          Meanwhile the rector down the road (Northcurch) insists (rightly in my view) that the church should be involved in politics, in the Christian manner of being concerned about our fellow men and women: their sorrows and anxieties, hopes and fears. He criticises that we too easily look to how taxation effects us personally rather than the reason behind the need for taxation, such as the need to ease the burdens of the sick, the vulnerable and the poor.
          We, who are privileged to possess, in comparison with so many lacking in basic essentials have a duty to help provide for them, not just in the giving but also in the restraint from abusing our comparative excess. Listing a replacement bottle of brandy has to be countered with the thought, have I done enough with my time to deserve it, while at the same time bearing in mind I can afford it and people are employed providing it on whose job financial stability others are depending?
          However, for the church to be pro-active in everyday life, religion has to accept its own contradictions and amend them. There are still religions living in wilful denial of all that they claim to believe, for if this is a God-created universe then religion has to accept that it is a universe in a state of continual change and that change has a fixed direction—forward with time. Too many religions persist in looking backwards rather than forwards or remain stuck in a time warp of their own pretention.
          We are all on individual journeys of discovery, seeking knowledge to enhance and expand who we are and to better prepare for the parts we might play in the future, trying to consolidate the knowledge already acquired but seemingly dissipated from that bourne from which we came and to which we will return. We move at different rates of self-awareness and from different starting positions. Hence the diversity of opinion in each house and why I prefer an unelected House of Lords: it is their consciences that direct them not party political self-interest. Yesterday's debate in the House of Commons showed that diversity of levels of awareness and understanding and this is an arena of the higher and more expansive everyday intellect of humankind. A debate that matched the quality of the Lords.
          In recognising my own deficiencies in going forward fast enough I am delighted the Bill was passed with a thundering majority. In a free vote in the Commons, 382 MPs were in favour and 128 against the technique that stops genetic diseases being passed from mother to child. Let us hope the Commons will prove as far-seeing as the Lords on the subject of Lord Falconer's Bill on "Dignity in Dying", seeking to change the law on assisted dying.
          The Bill does not go far enough but at last the law should allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults to request life-ending medication from a doctor. The dying patient would then have the choice to self-administer that medication at a time that was right for them.
          There is much that needs to be done but at least we are starting. The next phase is to ensure a "living will" is recognised as a directive, to cover the potential of future senility when one is competent to write a Will.
          Returning to an earlier point an SNP member clearly stated in the House today that Scotland came first. A clear warning that Labour must NOT get anywhere near to being a large enough party to make joining with the SNP remotely possible to gain government. Channel 4 declared "Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs do not currently vote on English issues which do not directly affect Scotland, but Ms Sturgeon said this would change after the general election." The Guardian reported "The poll for Ipsos Mori gives the Scottish National party a 28-point lead over Labour in Westminster voting intention, projecting 55 seats in Scotland for the nationalists and four for Labour. The Liberal Democrats would lose all their seats and the Tories would lose their one seat, held by the Scotland minister David Mundell."




The general conclusion appears to be that we need to increase taxes on those who can afford to pay and NOT reduce the cost of aiding those in need.

That would seem to include a proper provision for our military needs and ensuring extra taxation to meet revenue costs derived from taxpayers' REVENUE income.