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I am because of who we all are.
Supporting the 2012 Olympic Legacy—I WILL be positive and endeavour to maintain the Olympians' love of life and its challenges
MALALA—a statement of the failure of religion:
religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
Neither praise nor shoot the messenger: the message is all.

Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields. 

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.
Also on Twitter as Peewit2 (he doesn't take it seriously) and on Facebook as himself (Peter.Such.5)


Christmas Eve 2016



It was Labour and the Lib/Dems that denied us the political vote that turned commercial agreements on trade into political authoritarian diktat. As Churchill said "Trust the British people". Labour refused to do so and the Tories took too long to get round to doing so. Neither presented a competent argument.
We would have had a perfectly harmonious relationship with the EU had France not panicked over the greater empire and commonwealth that we created, for which reason they denied us earlier entry and ensured the rationality and logic we would have brought was excluded from the EU's basic structure, leading them away from proper objectives.



TUESDAY 2017 [evening]
A report by The Guardian on browser autofill bothered me immediately and prompted this reply. "This is why the collective whole of criminality must be brought to heel. A principle aspect is "why criminality?" Answer: failure of society in education, including philosophy NOT indoctrination into a religious or other orientated cult but orientated to free, analytical thinking and the conduct of society in a manner that justifies its "rightness", which the Conservative Party has recently not demonstrated in its utter irresponsibility not to ensure a balanced referendum argument nor managerial competence in ensuring it was prepared for either answer. Is it not society that is failing and causing criminality,or at least responsible for much of it?

CHRISTMAS EVE 2016 [evening]

A mixed run up to Christmas, rapid with which detail I will not weary now: microcosm and macrocosm, both in much detail. Going about my flat, preparing my evening meal, I open the 'fridge. Sharing the benefit, for opposing reasons was a frozen dessert, requiring gradual warming to eatable temperature and next to it a selection of onion rings whose rapid warming I was slowing down, prior to putting in the oven: both appropriately contained from each other. So, in the world. Syrian fighting is "officially" ended, save for inevitable erratic skirmishes for an undefined period of time. Clearly planned to complete before Christmas, although neither side officially recognises this period of time in their own philosophies but are doubtless guided by the Western world's opinion in its remembrances of peace, love, compassion.
     I eat a balanced meal: starter of smoked salmon etc with a glass of Chablis; cottage pie (very basic) but accompanied by five vege and a glass of Merlot; the dessert, as previously stated is gently de-frosting (an orange chocolate and Grand Marnier layered torte) with a glass of Sauternes; then, maybe port with a cheese. I am alone in my flat having excused myself church as fatique has plagued me all week and I wish to be fit for family tomorrow. My nephew has just rung to check my timing and confirmed arrangements for tomorrow at his place: elevenses with his in-laws; lunch with my nephew and his family plus another nephew, his younger brother; tea, with my brother-in-law and his wife joining us and I have warned my nephew I may have to leave early should tiredness overtake me. So, Christmas passes.
     How many families celebrated their Christmas in a muddy field scraping together no more than yesterday offered them for sustenance? How many children have no pretty paper to tear away to reveal a brand new present? How many, in warm homes they can afford to heat think on those in their homes watching the heat eat their food, or eating their food as they shiver in cold rooms? Then there are families with even less.
     We are the fifth richest nation in the world, yet we are in debt; we organised an empire yet are now incapable of organising this tiny island so as to house its population at all, let alone adequately; we have disparity between those who are overladen with sufficiency and those in desperation of the consequences of insufficiency. As I write, I am watching the first network version of Alan Bennett's Diaries. As I write, a scene has just played out where a middle-aged couple have just departed in a taxi heading for a train for Glynebourne and then stopped, realising that a drifter (the drifter) has just pulled up in a camper van outside their property.
     I ponder these contradictions; compare them with my own seeming divorcement from the world, yet that divorcement is the practicalities of self-sufficiency, in which my own world interacts with the rest of humanity but does not cut itself from the world. Just two worlds running side by side, occasionally interchanging, causing an interruption of rhythm and giving pause for thought, such as this moment.

Monday 5th December 2016 [after-noon]
Such is the state of my health. Compared with those who are terminal or suffering reaction to potentially life-extending chemistry, I cannot and do not complain, I am, so far very fortunate. I picked up someone else's blog the other day when it was suddenly frosty who stated that she was fortunate to have no concerns about her heating bills, while expressing concern for those who had such problems and Christmas (which she did not mention) is a particularly hard time for those insufficient of basics, daily surrounded by so many (inadvertently) broadcasting their financial security in the extra packages they take home.
     Waitrose recently started a collection point by their tills and for the last fortnight I have forgotten to add on that extra item that may be of use to someone in need. I have just made an entry in red bold caps on my shopping list: my shopping list is a permanent fixture, continually edited, so hopefully the thought will occur to me as I shop in future.
     Today was a pleasant shop. The last two or three beginnings of the week have seen the car park overloaded. Bank, pay in (yummee but nothing much, just a dividend and a couple of premium bond warrants but I haven't had anything them from for awhile); then money out, not so much fun? Yes, I am gambolling on making London theatre for the first time for far too long! Followed on Wednesday with an Old Boys steak and wine dinner at the Two Trees Hilton. A golden opportunity to stay the night but I have decided to push my luck. Tuesday is the potential problem, its the Festival Hall but a straight run up the Northern line and I am allowing spending both days lying around.
     I have taken on a new tablet now making a total of 7 tablets and 4 ointments or drops, requiring thirteen applications of something through the day, so that makes travelling around a damned nuisance. ! was in a phase of near normality this morning, looks good but is that a "momentary thing" or is the effect of a previous tablet change building a more consistency: 12 to 24 weeks it takes to show any long-term effects. This morning, I was almost normal.




Friday 2nd December 2016 [after-noon]
The local matter was Heathrow. The Lib/Dems are simply desperate for publicity and don't get the message "Brexit". Because they themselves are not up to the job they want our country ruled by foreigners living day dreams. Dreams are for beddybyes, or Walt Disney parks. Forty years of EU and we are still not enabling our poor to buy enough food; still not properly funding the nation's health; still not providing an adequately deep and diverse education system. Yet the Lib/Dems think we are better run by foreigners who have not the remotest idea of basic management! Experience of town councils does not give enough experience to run a country.

GET IT TOGETHER by ZOE WILLIAMS [early after-noon]
"If you can do a full-time job and not be sure at the end at the end of it that you can afford shelter, food and warmth, then there is something wrong with your employer, your housing market, your food supply, your utilities' ownership structure or, most likely all four... A state in which people cannot afford necessities is not a lean, competitive one; it is a state that is primitive and failing."

Thursday 1st December 2016 [evening]

As usual, I look through my accumulated notes not fully attended to through the previous month. The first to catch my eye is a note about Blair. This is the man who chose not to offer a referendum when he had good cause and we now know why—he didn't agree with what he perceived was the likely result: "NO"! In the floundering story provided by the 25th November edition of the I he is still all over the place, simply promoting his ego for no declared benefit to anyone but his own self-grandisement.
     I see that BBC1's National Lottery Live is being shunted to "digital platforms" [I thought everything was digital these days]. For the twenty plus years it has been there I have never understood why it is broadcast and found it's discovery a good reason for immediately changing from BBC1, were I already watching that channel.
     ITV has finally woken up to the illogicality of having its late night news at the same time as BBC's. To be fair, if I remember correctly, it was the BBC that moved its 9:00pm news to 10:00pm, clashing with ITV's established ten o'clock news slot. While I occasionally watch ITV for a different news slant it will slot in ludicrous adverts which irritate intensely, so I rely on Channel 4's 7:00pm news for a meaningful counter. There are still ads but seemingly less trivial while the news itself is more intense and pungent.
     Opening the mail! To me, the postman arrives midday to mid-after-noon. I had been dithering around a bottle of milk. It was at the time of heavy traffic in Waitrose and I really did not feel up to walking. I am having a 'fatigue' phase. At the very least it means stuffing an aluminium walking stick, with an attached folding seat, into a shopping trolley and bundling all that down and up the hill and I wasn't feeling comfortable yet with using the car—more on that anon.
     I managed to walk to the local independent general store (reminds me of the days when I used to 'pop down the road' for minor domestic needs as a child (everything was safe for children in those days)), obtained my one bottle (one pint) of milk in a plastic container and realised I really must push myself more as it was in fact a good experience, the sun gently settling behind the hill. "Stop complaining Such and making a fuss!"
     Home again, the postman had been and there were three envelopes. The home was warm as being only down the road I had left the heating on (warm air gas not radiators, although mobile electric radiators enable economy and flexibility.
     Having decided not to make tea (no milk) and not feeling in the mood for coffee but I was in the mood for something and could not think what, except definitely not alcohol was the mood that forced me out. Now with milk, I made a cup of tea, had a chocolate biscuit and sat down to read the outdated papers. Those read, minus some cut out pieces, I sacked them for segregated waste and turned to the mail I had brought in with me. I opened an obvious advertising envelope but it had 'Waitrose' on the envelope. It was indeed worthwhile opening. Inside was a delightful small square booklet, superbly well printed on quality paper enticingly laid out by a serious designer, advertising their Christmas fare to be available in the next few days. Nice timing, we have just entered Advent.
     This was excellent advertising. I settled down to comment here while enjoying, glancing through my window down the valley where a light mist was gathering in the distance. Detail was being occluded in the gloaming and a multitude of emotions descended around me. It was not loneliness but an aloneness, which I wanted to share but in a distant way, not a 'close to' way, such as I am doing now, which is why I moved across to my writing table but still seeing through the window.
      My valley scene lay before me as before but now masked by the window frame and curtains, the dining-table, littered with meal condiments and a heaped scatter of loose papers to clear working space for new writing on the writing desk, itself overcrowded with 'work vaguely in hand'. My desk lamp lighted my immediate area of concentration while the gloaming deepened outside, the tv shining more and more brightly as the gloaming deepened.
     A contented scene on which to review... for someone sufficiently moneyed as to not worry about the fuel bill; is readying himself to cope with double-glazing (2017, not in the winter!), as a prelude to the disruption of redecorating throughout; adding further disruption to his already seriously disrupted work flow during this 2016 year. Outside the window, in the parking lot is a bright orange new car, mine. A previous company gave me three new cars, two pass ons and one brand new. They would not let me have a Capri so I chose an Avenger, electric blue, "You can choose your colour and some extras but that's it!"
     Time treated me well. All three cars were taken to between 95,000 and 115,000 miles before being replaced. As Service Manager I had a diverse role entailing around 30,000 miles a year. My first car was a Hillman estate, conveniently at a time when Pendley Open Air Shakespeare was advancing its use of modern technology, which meant hiring a large electronic control system from Strand Electrics. It just fitted in between the rear wheels.
     I recall a time when we were about to load up to collect the week's wages and our "heavy", seeing the back of the car was loaded, lifted the cover with intent to move the object (we needed the rear seats for people to sit on) and nearly had a heart attack. At the time I was performing in A Scent of Flowers by James Saunders at the Abbey theatre St Albans. It requires a coffin and I had just borrowed one from a London undertaker the producer knew. I had intended to drop it off at the theatre that lunch time but no one was there and I had forgotten I still had it. It created a bit of a stir and having decided it was not a good thing to deposit it on top of a stack of paper in the warehouse, we used the boss's car, to his intense irritation.
     What I had intended leading into was a cascade of complementary and contradictory thoughts but it is now truly dark and I am fully distracted until sleep and a quick breakfast [and my mood this morning was tea, so I was grateful for my milk effort yesterday] lead me back to where I was.
     That was a gloaming into a gathering mist from a bright blazing sunset sky as dark descended. Only now, although only just after 08:00hrs, early for me and I am already energetic is the grey, damp morning, breaking with a vaguely optimistic light, which is already dissipating. It is easy to recollect my thoughts, particularly with the opening news that over night the Lib/Dems have taken Richmond Park. Seeing that this was only a bye-election, with a fifth less turn out than previously and that the Lib/Dems inundated a one-off bye-election with the supporter turn out usually used for a general election across the country, what have we learned? Only that the Lib/Dems are determined to have a bunch of foreigners run our country in direct defiance of the electorate's opinion. The wilful proclamation that a bunch of small town people are able to properly manage a country on the world stage is laughable, they simply do not have a clue of what it is all about.
     Back to what I was leading into last night. For the moment, I seem to be holding up all right, health wise. Yes, there are several problems, any one of which could turn nasty on impulse and that does not take into account the normal age-related expectations of sudden "complete chaos" caused by everyday traumas of life, about which the news tells us is happening to someone else.
     Nonetheless, it is good to pause and count one's blessings and offer a small prayer of contrition for honestly perceiving one has not yet deserved one's so far good fortune. What should I have done; what could I have done; what chances remain ahead of me to so deserve, or pay back? One could ask the same question of the whole of one's life! How much time and opportunity was wasted or spurned?
     Today (now Friday) announces rail fare increases. How many are shattered by such news, their finances so critical to making ends meet, not just for themselves but for their families who have no other resource than to rely upon their abilities?
     Extend that thought more widely, we have the world refugee problem and so many see this country as almost "a heaven on earth": their salvation. The reality is so different we sometimes deceive ourselves in our belief that this is a great country when the reality is that we are currently pretty disastrous. We are investing in our railways, hence the fare rises—but we are twenty years late! Our prisons are a disgrace and achieving nothing but an expensive shutter to hide the reality. The general level of education across the country is not of a high enough standard. More of our society needs the helping hand of the more able. I am beginning to realise that the less I can do must be better clarified so it can be achieved, rather than being cast aside disorganised and incomplete. I have to adapt my life-style to what I can do, not to what I am intending to do, in order to make the most of the resource I actually do have. That, perhaps, is the best I can now achieve.

It was Labour's socialism that determined acceptance of the EU's diktats without argument because it took away their accountability for what they knew the country would not accept. All that is happening now is the rational debate Labour were not capable of holding.

Boundary clarification. How many seats and what preferred size of constituency population?

Proportional representation. Which system?

House of Lords? Should it be elected or appointed and upon what classification? Originally based on the realities of the day: Spiritual; Legal; Defence; land ownership; hereditary entitlement.

Today? Spiritual but across the faiths (define), including pure secularism/humanitarianism (all appointed/elected by their respective churches); Legal, as is; Political (variable by proven worth, such as past ministers or retired professional senior civil servants and limited party nominations); representatives of Capital, Financial Services, Labour (all either retired or active, appointed or elected by their respective accredited bodies); Education (ditto precedents stated); Health (ditto); Other?

The whole re-viewable by a statutory committee reporting with recommendations to parliament on a ten yearly basis to cover relevance of classifications in the then current world. Modus operandi as at present.