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religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
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Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields. 

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.

www.petersuch.org www.petersuch.com
Also on Twitter as Peewit2 (he doesn't take it seriously) and on Facebook as himself (Peter.Such.5)


FRIDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2017 [after-noon]

"MOVING ON" AFTER THE EU QUESTION [page being created]


It was Labour and the Lib/Dems that denied us the political vote that turned commercial agreements on trade into political authoritarian diktat. As Churchill said "Trust the British people". Labour refused to do so and the Tories took too long to get round to doing so. Neither presented a competent argument.
We would have had a perfectly harmonious relationship with the EU had France not panicked over the greater empire and commonwealth that we created, for which reason they denied us earlier entry and ensured the rationality and logic we would have brought was excluded from the EU's basic structure, leading them away from proper objectives.

FRIDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2017 [after-noon]
Does one pity him, or scorn him? What's got him on his hind legs? Desperation for personal media attention? Desperation that reality is seeping back into the Labour party, which he nearly destroyed by manipulating into the party university toffs, without a clue as to shop floor reality, to replace real Labour supporters, whom he had driven away through his toffee-nosed upper-class twaddle way above their heads?
      These Blairite university toffs didn't believe in leaders knowing their job and being representative. They thought leaders should be manipulated according to their personal diktats. They, who sit in parliament because of the shop floor members' efforts and fund-raising. Blair's intellectual toffs threw this street plodding back in their faces, choosing to squabble amongst themselves for a leadership already filled by the members' clearly expressed choice. Blair is still flabbergasted that the members not only confirmed they knew what they were doing but did so with an even greater vote of confidence than previously.
     The man, who was gullible enough to be thrown by the American's blustering ignorance, is the cause of the present Middle East commotion because of Iraq, in direct opposition to half the UK. It may not be composed of the same people who made up the wrong half opinion he selected then but the principle is the same. This time the people actually voted and expressed their opinion, something he specifically failed to enact last time, almost certainly because he did not expect the people to vote the way he wanted then! Now he's trying to repeat his folly after the event.

FRIDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2017 [after-noon]
A small note on my Sjögren’s page as to potential for excitement. I'm not getting over-enthusiastic but ploughing on with some little excitement!
     Just wishing to share with the world that this is one of my "I'm with it!" modes, especially those who have no cause to be happy themselves. I don't usually broadcast my miseries but I do have them and when things are hunky dory I like to share, in the hope I send some vibes of cheer to those less happy. Wishing you all well.
      I grabbed the moment to go shopping and until I discover something I forgot, I can see myself through until after all currently envisaged potential storms are on the mend. In fact I have just popped out to move my car and there were a few, small, solid grains of snow dropping down.
      BBC's "Daily Politics" currently on, with coffee, then lunch time soup or a sandwich over one o'clock news, then work if, by that time I have not crashed out again! I have not! So, where do I go? A twelfth of the way through the New Year and nothing done! My EU page needs editing but remains as historically created and my health dissipated. The whole site needs tidying up but too much work with which to move on across so many fronts. When well, I am reasonably energetic, as evidenced by a relative's friend who, despite varied and challenging personal problems, exhibits the energy that once used to be mine as a matter of course and after which I am still in hot pursuit (the energy, not the girl), she's enticingly forty years too young!

MONDAY 6th January 2017 [after-noon]
A small note on my Sjögren’s page as to static health and so I plough on as so many others have to. I am fortunate, my ill-health hit me in retired age, so it is no more than a "damned nuisance". Nonetheless, there is much for which my retirement had been reserved and it is not getting done, so plough on, although the EU question did divert me and although that page needs tidying up before I relaunch as things start to happen, I need to address the new year of which a twelfth has already alarmingly passed!

It was Labour's socialism that determined acceptance of the EU's diktats without argument because it took away their accountability for what they knew the country would not accept. All that is happening now is the rational debate Labour were not capable of holding.

Boundary clarification. How many seats and what preferred size of constituency population?

Proportional representation. Which system?

House of Lords? Should it be elected or appointed and upon what classification? Originally based on the realities of the day: Spiritual; Legal; Defence; land ownership; hereditary entitlement.

Today? Spiritual but across the faiths (define), including pure secularism/humanitarianism (all appointed/elected by their respective churches); Legal, as is; Political (variable by proven worth, such as past ministers or retired professional senior civil servants and limited party nominations); representatives of Capital, Financial Services, Labour (all either retired or active, appointed or elected by their respective accredited bodies); Education (ditto precedents stated); Health (ditto); Other?

The whole re-viewable by a statutory committee reporting with recommendations to parliament on a ten yearly basis to cover relevance of classifications in the then current world. Modus operandi as at present.