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UBUNTU I am because of who we all are.
Supporting the 2012 Olympic Legacy—I WILL be positive and endeavour to maintain the Olympians' love of life and its challenges
MALALA—a statement of the failure of religion:
religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
Neither praise nor shoot the messenger: the message is all.

Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields. 

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.
Also on Twitter as Peewit2 (he doesn't take it seriously) and on Facebook as himself (Peter.Such.5)


Monday 7th AUGUST [after-noon]

JULY 2017


It was Labour and the Lib/Dems that denied us the political vote that turned commercial agreements on trade into political authoritarian diktat. As Churchill said "Trust the British people". Labour refused to do so and the Tories took too long to get round to doing so. Neither presented a competent argument.
We would have had a perfectly harmonious relationship with the EU had France not panicked over the greater empire and commonwealth that we created, for which reason they denied us earlier entry and ensured the rationality and logic we would have brought was excluded from the EU's basic structure, leading them away from proper objectives.

Monday 7th AUGUST [after-noon]
The break is encouraging. I look back after too long a gap at work not completed and am encouraged.
      “So come to the poet his songs,/all hitherwards blown/From the misty land that belongs/to the vast unknown”, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
      "Like the dandelion ball that floats upon a gentle summer’s tease, brushing the cheek, so the child at play knows, without the knowledge yet to understand, that first moment, when one is close enough to a girl to feel her breath against one's cheek. Feel that semblance of her blooming womanhood; understand the magic of the moment; awed at the potential it implies, yet still sufficiently innocent merely to wonder that she is that close and knowingly, like him, content to stay and share the moment. That touching, seemingly without deliberate intent, just by intended chance. Wanting, yet not wanting, in case it spoils the awaiting potential: an agony of delicious uncertainty."
     One is suddenly young again as one remembers and realises one has written more than one had thought and nearly lost it. Haven't found the autobiography I started at 17 in verse Somewhere a Beginning but Betjeman, publishing his Summoned by Bells stopped me progressing further. If I find it, can I still read it? I can't recall if it was started in typewriter time or still long hand! Interesting.

Interesting. "The right to die" issue has re-arisen on Facebook. Not inappropriate here because my sorting through is to clear debris prior to tidying before departure. I haven't extended my thinking beyond the principle of the individual's right to die in the manner they choose. The problem is defining the criteria on which others may act for one being no longer compos mentis at the crucial moment. I demand the right but to actually make the decision is problematical, as I have no intention of going until I'm ready! I suppose it would be mental incapacity that I am no longer able to put fingers meaningfully to a keyboard is the only criterion one can offer in place of oneself but there is the potential for pain and that is complex.
      Religiosity might like to cite Christ on the cross, a last experience of life but then there are deeper sadomasochistic connotations embodied in the authoritarian nature of religion's concept of the agony and ecstasy of punishment. That is the hidden sexuality that religion pretends to denounce.
     It is not uncommon to have a wake before death. If my estate is paying for the wake then I might as well be there and enjoy my own money but to expect people to be around while one actually dies I think is a bit much. The important aspect is to die as one chooses and the last thing I would want is a crowd of people. I intend to avoid a funeral. When I have gone I hope to be immediately preoccupied with what lies ahead.

There is now a debate regarding Lord Sugar's condemnation of political liars. It is no use pointing out bits of the overall mess. The collective whole of Brexit has been utterly mismanaged by all parties. First, in failing to respond immediately and sort this all out twenty years ago. No politician understands basic management. Second, how could their advisers conclude the electorate would not vote as it did? I knew this result was likely twenty years ago when, as a local councillor, I had cause to travel quite widely in connection with a national project at town level. This was the obvious feeling I deduced then!



Sunday 30th JULY [morning]
A topsy-turvy week. We all have problems. Friday morning my GP's senior practice nurse was supposed to telephone for what I later learned had been scheduled as an half-an-hour phone call, surely a face-to-face meeting would have been preferable but no matter.
This was caused through her illness a fortnight ago when previously scheduled but I had been fore-warned the day before of her indisposition. This time no forewarning so I wasted an hour or so to cover contingencies of problems her end. If unwell again I hope she is quickly on the mend.
By sheer chance this morning I found in my diary section another appointed phone call, made for a month away. I happened to look in on the web to request a medicine top up. Clearly at holiday time ill health adds further to the strain.
     When one has a diverse life-style sudden alterations to schedules are a nuisance but we all know the state the NHS is in and until now things have run smoothly for me and I am happy to be adaptable to them. Fortunately, I keep a reasonably tight grip on what is going on with my own health but suddenly matters seem to be going haywire and with diverse problems, seeing different consultants at diverse locations under different health authorities and a mix of NHS, loca and private stand-ins, life can easily get very messy.
     Mess is my standard life style and I am horrified at the diversity of accumulated minor details that have kept me away from several major projects. Last weekend was a superb break with family in Norfolk that did me the world of good. Consequently, I have cancelled a longer break in August to get on with these major projects. I must plan more short exeats.
     I quote from the first chapter of one of those tomes. ...Accumulated junk could not simply be thrown, it had to be sifted... time... time... time! So, write as I sifted and why should a family album follow chronologically? Why accept any precepts? Be yourself Such! Just be... and let it all hang out!      It is, after all, how family photographs are taken and how albums are accumulated. Something has happened, planned or otherwise; a camera produced, after some rummaging, checking of battery condition, film... “oh no!” we’ve already moved on past that, well not exactly, is there space on the disk or memory and then “hey presto”?
     Were pictures ever planned into albums as opposed to albums being planned around pictures already taken? Do I have time, especially if editing is required with video, or if playing around with Photoshop to extend the ‘simple’ photographic moment into the Hollywood block buster, completely undreamed of when the Kodak box camera first became available and the box camera is the source of many of my jumbled boxes of files accumulated, not archived; just stored down the years, perhaps the origin of my inability to throw anything away, so I end up with my accumulated junk pushing me out of my own home!

Saturday 29th JULY [morning]
It is of grave and deep concern. First, every death is a tragedy and that fact is too easily lost when we write of hundreds fleeing persecution. Second, newspapers' first concern is profit, derived from sales, derived from eye-catching headlines or pictures. To what extent had Charlie Gard's parents been the willing or the unintentional pawns of external interests? To what extent have external self-interests manipulated? What is the argument? Emotion over-riding reality. It is not uncommon but rarely quite so dramatic. How many other couples would have acceded more easily to the objective facts? Is the pope's interjection because the parents are Catholic? If so, why such trauma over the reality of death as an integral experience of life, faith and soul? If not, why then another voice knowing not of the detail but promotional opportunity? Trump is Trump, unlike anyone else were they to be President but then presumably just as separate from the factual detail. The distress is for the parents who perhaps have not been given the most meaningful support from the very first. Is something more fundamentally wrong at the heart of our society?

Thursday 27th JULY [after-noon]

Having passed through the silly season we are now into the supposed period of restorative health before embarking upon another tirade of abusive countering of other people's initiatives. That seems the effect of what should be one of the greatest debating chambers in the world to which all school debating societies aspire but frequently exceed. More by circumstance than choice, the internet is immediately there as is the tv, so a range of reasonably diverse news sources are available without moving anywhere... newspapers take up space and I'm trying to clear down and out!
     Having grabbed, by chance, a few superb summer days for family reasons away but for the same reasons needing an hotel, I pre-ordered a morning paper, The Guardian, which meant The Observer on Sunday. This introduced me to Elf Lyons, keen on sharing her feminist arguments for polyamory. Coinciding with celebrating fifty years of the Conservative party beginning to wake up to some of the realities of life [homosexuality became lawful for over 21s but there remained other restrictions] it was disappointing that she should prove so conventional. A "feminist" argument, why not "universal" or "bisexual" argument? Why bring sex into it? Why not be simply "polyamorous", the universality of loving, of being... spiritual? There you have wholesome conformity in all its inherent diversity, encapsulated in its reality!
     Love in a different way brought me to tears, as I sat reading the accumulated papers from having bought unusually and then been engrossed in the family days' events to have time to read fully. In Saturday's The Guardian, Andrea Bennett, whose new book Two Cousins of Azov has just been published, wrote about seeing her son off to school. He is severely disabled and requires escorting to school in a taxi. I would like to quote it complete but at least a meaningful start and finish and then brain clicked in, it is on the internet. A Birthday Cake for Archie. Read it and allow yourself a little cry for the world at large. I was pleased to cry, I had not realised how easily I could as intense dryness is a fault I have to regularly combat due to Sjögren's Syndrome, one of several of my health problems.

Monday 17th JULY [morning]
The fuss and palaver over the next incarnation of Dr Who would appear to be the 21st century's version of Christian religion's non debate over the role of women. We (I do anyway) condemn Rome for refusing women priests and that church's attitude to contraception. I am also critical of the archaic male domination attitudes of Eastern values that persist in cavalierly invading western culture (intentions of) universality.
     Let me be really provocative. Dr Who is a fiction for pure entertainment. It deals with re-incarnation. For many religious and nonreligious people, acceptance of re-incarnation, or 'life after death' is a matter of debate or factual acceptance, including different sexual presentations in past lives. Inevitably, the relationship of spirit and body enters play and the question of the sexual nature of spirit is entertained. What is the difference, in principle, between a tv series and a set of parables as Christ proclaimed?


Sunday 16th JULY [after-noon]
"Good after-noon world, one P Such Esq. reporting in", as I would greet my Facebook page. Some people share their feelings quite openly as a point of introduction, others enter into their feelings in some detail. It is for the reader to determine how they wish to respond or whether they wish to continue to read. Thereby one may pick up the joy of the writer’s desire to share and if in the right frame of mind to carefully respond, or make a point of not responding if the writer is expressing his angst or sadness, perhaps the intimation of depression in his/her desire to share, of which he/she may or not be aware at the time of writing and of which the reader may not feel competent to make comment.
            How often does the writer give thought to how they may be received? What motivates the fingers to the keyboard? Writing for promotional purposes my market is clear and my intention is to purvey information in a manner likely to be received favourably by the envisaged reader. In other matters, am I off loading angst; appealing on behalf of…; simply making a point; or wishing to inform? Or just having a chat?
            I hate labels, perhaps that is simply an excuse for being undisciplined, or is it simply a truism to life as it is; muddled, confused, contradictory and that ‘organisation’ is an arrogant presumption of the organiser that things should be according to the tidiness (or untidiness) of their own mind? Why presume to impose, rather than simply share but not talking out loud, as that might disturb others, simple writing a note and leave it lying around, which basically is what Facebook is for?
            I thought I would make a new comment on my Weekly Commentary page and as I usually quote a paragraph on my Facebook page, to invite a hug of regular readers who would not choose for find me ‘nude’ on the web (although on average around 4,000 a month do) to read more.
            I was thinking of the reasonable diversity of my existence: while watching the men’s finals at Wimbledon; lumbering a heavier than expected kitchen component up an awkward flight of stairs and realising I really was at my limit, age was definitely making its presence felt.
            I have mentioned before my irritation with so many retired people who moan they have nothing to do, to which I respond (some would think coldly, I realistically) “Who’s fault is that and why aren’t you positively doing something about it?”
             In such a frame of mind I thought of my situation: the vast sums of money that it costs to put on Wimbledon; the crowds who have money to pay to be there; the parents who have the interest to encourage their children to watch; the gentle informality of their Royal Highnesses to be there and be relaxed in their enjoyment. I, in my own home, of no great merit in itself, other than that ‘greatness’ that is the privilege and presumed privilege of the greater majority of people in this kingdom, ‘home’.  
            I thought of my other purchases, it is Wimbledon fortnight—strawberries and cream with sparkling wine, almost every day… and I am a diabetic! Before Wimbledon there was Queen’s which leads automatically to Eastbourne and then to Wimbledon. Several weeks of tv watching with occasional trips to Waitrose and on the completion, the background effect of several illnesses, any one of which can cause the same fatigue problems. Coping with it requires trying to analyse which background problem may be the source. Each source demands a different response! I am well supported by the NHS, so lets flamboyantly wave a flag for the NHS! I take due care and regularly test myself. Is it any different from a driver having a beer and being aware and watching the effect on his ability to drive safely?
              I’m a taxpayer and pay my fair whack, as I presume does the driver but…? As a country we are £1.7trillion in debt and we have students in debt for most of their productive lives, currently extended by ten to fifteen years but unable to buy their own home for most of that time, whereas my generation had only two debt concerns, the deposit and raising the flat or house mortgage. Where lies responsibility?
              Unquestionably with each individual. So, I check my sugar levels but they are specifically in excess periodically, adding further risk and therefore risking demand on NHS services sooner than might otherwise be required; as does the car driver, whose ‘within the limit’ beer may slow reaction at just that one critical moment in several peoples’ lives.
              Then we have the latest criminal obscenity, made all the more obscene by the youth of the perpetrators, acid attacks. This brings to my mind law and order as a collective whole. Disfigurement and death. How can a guilty party be made to experience the permanence of injury caused that the victim suffers and in the case of death, their friends and relatives suffer in their loss?
              The meaning, purpose and rationality of “an eye for an eye” becomes immediately apparent. I am often critical of religiosity and its wilful failure to be interpreted according to the relevant times through which it is passed on but the principle has sagacity. Likewise with prison generally, if there is to be any sense to the cost it has got to be in rehabilitation and we are not making such provision!
               Capital punishment is not the answer, for I now turn to spiritual values. This is not the time to go into details. Just accept that I am confirmed in the belief that there is life after death. Therefore any death before the natural time of a person simply extends the problem into another plane where the problem still has to be dealt with, so why not deal with it in the ‘here and now’?
               There is much twaddle burbled by the purported intelligentsia, our Members of Parliament, who seem collectively to have taken leave of their senses. They believe their conduct will attract the attention of those likely to be influential in any future re-positioning of places. All they are actually doing is proclaiming how totally unfit they are to be in Parliament in the first place.

Thursday 13th JULY [after-noon]
A friend on Facebook posted, "Am today enjoying the view from my desk. I moved it out of the gloom to motivate me to sit down every day and do what needs to be done.
      This has been a success. I've typed up my blog from its archaic notebook form, imbibed copious amounts of tea, loudly argued with absurd commentary on R4 twice, taken all phone calls, applied for a job and written a whole chapter of my book. All this in a long three hours. This is the best desk position."
     I posted in reply “Absolutely delighted with your report, so successful a day I have not personally experienced for a very long time.”
     That was an instantaneous response of joy for someone who I know valiantly fights her difficulties but perhaps through feeling equally joyful myself? The problem with having multiple reasons why one is not in good health is that one never knows what is the best response for a regular bad health moment.
     Depression I have known as a medical diagnosis but ‘having depression” is not the same thing as “being depressed”. Frequently, “being depressed” is a physiological response to chronic fatigue brought on by a chemical imbalance, not through tiredness of work done. Being the subject of several conditions capable of broadcasting many similar symptoms what may help the problem in one circumstance does not necessarily achieve the same result on another occasion, which only adds to the frustration overall, which can itself cause tiredness/fatigue from which depression can be generated! Or a state of being depressed, not the same thing!
     I have spent the last two or three weeks assuming that my fatigue/exhaustion has been due to the heat rather than depression. Was I in fact depressed rather than simply fatigued, although I am sure it was not a state of depression?
     So, like my friend, some movement forward. I had intended starting with a review of yesterday but redirected myself to another page Moving On. Having posted that I realised strawberries and cream were an essential requirement, so a trip to Waitrose; return home; cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch; read my friend’s moving forward while watching tennis and turn to my intended writing to find I had physically crashed. Totally exhausted!  Plough on!
     Until the last moment I wondered if I would make London but did, early. I visited Euston a little while back for the first time for a long time and discovered the redesign of the first floor and wandered around. I was already aware from earlier visits of changes at St Pancras and King’s Cross, superb. Now it was the district line, entered a carriage and found all carriages connected as one large carriage. My first experience of these new trains—excellent!  Changes too at Blackfriars, all exciting changes. I must get myself to London more frequently if only to continually ride the top deck of the buses. I love just roving and in my fatigue state I am principally just sitting!
      We were lucky with the weather, drinks reception was held in the courtyard in sunlight, sheltered from the wind. There were one or two more walking sticks than last year and I was one who needed a bench seat after standing some while chatting around. That reminded me of the trip we had made a month earlier to the Crick Institute. An interesting contrast in architecture. Apothecaries Hall rebuilt in 1670 following the Great Fire, where we were having lunch. The Wellcome building in Euston Road is two buildings, Wellcome’s in the 1930’s, the HQ of his then operating and trading company The Wellcome Foundation Ltd , (of which we were all retirees) now housing the Wellcome Collection. Adjoined to it is the new Gibbs building now housing the Wellcome Trust HQ which originally owned The Wellcome Foundation Ltd but sold off to be absorbed into GSK. The Wellcome Trust works with the Crick Institute, hence our visit there last month. A continuation over one hundred years always at the forefront of moving on. Incredible and a delight to feel associated. A trust, started by one man and now valued around £16billion. It is a privilege to have been part of that vast whole.

Friday 30th JUNE [morning]/Saturday 1st JULY  [As this is the close of the month and much is happening I have decided to start the new month early.]

The state of affairs at Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, in principle, is how I and a gathering of friends ended up running our home town, although that was more due to time gathered loss of momentum and disinclination to changes with the times, such as renovating an ancient building for a safe house and refuge; giving emphasis to efforts to save and restore the town's cinema; creating a youth centre and youth council; providing a skateboard park; working with British Waterways to restore the canal towpath so there was an alternative walking route through and into town instead of the fume-laden high street. That subsequent councils have been obliged to maintain the changes we instigated is sufficient reward for one's brief contribution to local society. The point being, why are such idiots running a borough council with royal status? Where are the real people of the community and why are they not changing things?
     I confess to not having done anything before immersing myself for a full four year term but prior to then, from my teenage years, I had acquired a reputation for my "letters to the Gazette", not infrequently creating some controversy. I was playing a part in so far as my private life enabled me to participate. I declined an option to be available for a third term as mayor as I had my own life and personal business interests to manage, so I do know how much private time is taken up in rendering proper service as a councillor. At any level it is demanding but failure at the most basic level is unforgiveable.
     The morning following my first time election as mayor I was in the town clerk's office wanting to know emergency procedures. At town level these are very simplistic, most power is with borough or county but one needs to know the seniority priorities and sequence of procedures and that such people are aware of who I am in the event of a need to make contact.
     One does not know the precise details of the Kensington borough meeting but first it was by law a public meeting. If on the published notice of meeting items on the agenda had become sensitive, the correct procedure would have been to pre-empt the appropriate item by declaring legal restrictions advised reduced discussion other than in camera and therefore the chairman would be obliged to curtail discussion at certain points as the agenda was discussed. On conclusion of those matters that could be held in public the chairman would declare the meeting going "in camera" and the public and journalists could then be asked to leave perfectly properly. Why were councillors so appallingly inept as to be unable to handle a simple and straight forward procedure?
     I like to describe myself as a floating or thinking voter, no certainty as to which way I will vote save by balance of argument very close to the ballot box but how could a borough gather such an erratic bunch of flounderers who seemingly have sat for far too long in their posts, apparently having learned nothing at all. My proclivity is Tory with a strong sense of socialism when socialists are rational beings and not hung up on the meaning of basic English by confusing a day's work with industrial action and being bone idle. We start with Responsibilities then we talk about Rights.



It was Labour's socialism that determined acceptance of the EU's diktats without argument because it took away their accountability for what they knew the country would not accept. All that is happening now is the rational debate Labour were not capable of holding.

Boundary clarification. How many seats and what preferred size of constituency population?

Proportional representation. Which system?

House of Lords? Should it be elected or appointed and upon what classification? Originally based on the realities of the day: Spiritual; Legal; Defence; land ownership; hereditary entitlement.

Today? Spiritual but across the faiths (define), including pure secularism/humanitarianism (all appointed/elected by their respective churches); Legal, as is; Political (variable by proven worth, such as past ministers or retired professional senior civil servants and limited party nominations); representatives of Capital, Financial Services, Labour (all either retired or active, appointed or elected by their respective accredited bodies); Education (ditto precedents stated); Health (ditto); Other?

The whole re-viewable by a statutory committee reporting with recommendations to parliament on a ten yearly basis to cover relevance of classifications in the then current world. Modus operandi as at present.


Saturday 1st JULY idetity

I am delighted he demonstrates his Christian belief by showing his humility in acknowledging he's only of any use in second place.

He who blames his tools is admitting he's no damned good at the job.

Nice to have a journalist who has a trend to send himself up competently. Reminds me of one Talbot Rothwell and the actor Brian Rix who most successfully confused people as to which Whitehall theatre was providing the funniest show. Totally irrelevant to politics but a quietly amusing article.

What he is admiring is egocentricity to the point Blair filled MP seats with people following him not the party members who provided them with their opportunities. The LibDems are equally egocentric: determined to thrust their view in direct defiance of its rejection.