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UBUNTU I am because of who we all are.
Supporting the 2012 Olympic Legacy—I WILL be positive and endeavour to maintain the Olympians' love of life and its challenges
MALALA—a statement of the failure of religion:
religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
Neither praise nor shoot the messenger: the message is all.

Peter Such

Peter Such

A view of Great Berkhamsted from Cooper's fields

Peter Such lives in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.
Formerly working in printing and publishing Peter Such is currently an occasional writer on diverse issues, as the mood takes him.
He has regularly put his views to the test of public opinion, which is how he twice ended up as mayor of his home town.
 He also stood for The Referendum Party in the UK General Election of 1997.
Also on Twitter as Peewit2 (he doesn't take it seriously) and on Facebook as himself (Peter.Such5)


Monday 1stst January 2020

EU Discussion in everyday dialogue, SEE MOVING ON for history


It was Labour and the Lib/Dems that denied us the political vote that turned commercial agreements on trade into political authoritarian diktat. As  Churchill said "Trust the British people". Labour refused to do so and the Tories took too long to get round to doing so. Neither presented a state of competent argument.
We would have had a perfectly harmonious relationship with the EU had France not panicked over the greater empire and commonwealth that we created, for which reason the EU denied us earlier entry and ensured the rationality and logic we would have brought was excluded from the EU's basic structure, leading them away from proper objectives.

Vagaries will arise from time to time due to a variety of program upgrades that are taking some time to interact. So one ploughs on, irritated with being side-tracked by technicalities.


FrIday 1st November 2019


Thursday 31st October 2019 at 23:00 hrs Peter Such declared he had left the EU, where the rest of the country was he hadn't a clue, save that the majority of those in the country who had been asked agreed with BREXIT. He had in fact voted to remain, thinking that the electorate had been so successfully bamboozled that it was too late to change course. Others disagreed and the majority who had been asked at the time voted "BREXIT". Believing in simplicity and the decisiveness of sound management, Peter Such left as scheduled, which date was itself already late by nearly a year.
           Politicians, by their very nature, do not understand the art of management, if they did, the moment we had been expected to give up our sovereignty was the moment we should have been asked if we wished to do so. Typical of UK national life it only occurred to our politicians to ask us, forty years late, they were so preoccupied with wilfully disagreeing with the EU's opinion that our constitution did not fit in with the EU's dreams and dreams they are indeed. The British are accustomed to reality: the EU is not. Three times the EU told the UK we were not suitable to join, yet UK politicians pig-headedly persisted we should join, only after more than forty years suddenly realising they should have asked us first! As far as I am concerned I am not aware of our joining, save that various peculiarities have arisen, believed to be due to EU thrusting its arrogance upon us. All should now be back to normal save our own peculiar asininities. Brexit is a unique question requiring singularity of mind, so the British call a General Election where everything is lost in diversity of contradictory arguments.
             Were we dealing with separate issues I would go for Tories on Brexit [I was an MP candidate for UKIP] but think these parties are and now confuse the issue; for pure General Election I would have Labour [I twice voted for Wilson who created the Open University] but Labour are and have created a mess but the Tories have been too unsympathetic of those really in need; the LibDems I have never trusted wanting anyone foreign since it was obvious they can't gain here with our own people. Also, I have always supported women but for Jo Swinson to declare "Remain" I dispair. Not a clue in her head but then the LibDems never had clue, hence her arrival. At this point I go to sleep until polling day (assuming they keep David Gauke who I think is a prospective PM but against whom the local party took umbrage). Why I do not join political parties, too many damned idiots in all of them.

Beginning to get down to reality!

Monday 30th December 2019 to 1st January 2020
Just musing. It is a brilliant sunshine filled day and were I returning from Norfolk I would well divert to ensure a leisurely route home, enjoying the countryside, perhaps stopping off for a walk. Instead, loss of energy prohibits driving, unless I take the fast way, periodically pulling off to have a rest. For me the new year starts on 22nd December and I am amused by the rest of the world gradually catching up!
            Having crashed out for an hour I’m back typing. The day has closed into evening and there may be a frost tomorrow morning, the sky is clear and open. So, one tidies. An invite to book a new appointment, for an appointment I missed but the details of which I have not yet received, raises further questions as to the value of private enterprises invading NHS grounds, although it was a private enterprise that pushed me back into NHS concerns, causing the original appointment. I ring immediately, no one available and I leave a message. I thought we were supposed to be fully digitised now so why not send an email?
           I discover an advert for the LibDems. “LibDems lead the way to stop Brexit.” This is one thing a majority of the country does not want, so how does this aid being elected? No answer provided. They claim the Conservatives are making a mess of Brexit. No, The Commons is broadcasting its inadequacies, led by the socialists (both Labour and the LibDems) who are taking us backwards, which is precisely what they accuse Labour of doing! So, we have a Conservative government with a large majority precisely because the Left orientation wanted to go backwards and intended winning by being wilfully obdurate with the electorate, persisting with precisely what the electorate so clearly stated it did not want.
           I now find myself writing on 1st January. Monday, at almost closing down time someone came back to me regarding my revised hearing appointment. The fact she is Service Manager “Designate” may have something to do with performance levels, or that there is a sudden availability Tuesday. I grab it. She emails the details. Reasons are irrelevant, we’re grabbing a moment, saving an otherwise blank appointment space and moving my situation on. New experience: this hearing test is in a soundproof box (previously I’ve known them as a soundproof room with the clinician with me, or without soundproofing [private enterprise]). This time we are viewing one another through a glass panel in total isolation. We’ll see what his report details but we discussed the possibility of an intercommunication pathway problem. So, into New Year’s Eve and this morning. Another year completed, much to do, so stop this “I’m retired” complacency and re-establish a rational working pattern. 2019 will remain open until next week while 2020 is being prepared. Let’s try and force things to happen by starting 2020 in a business-like manner.

Deeply sorry, it would have been a great time. Ironically, after having discussed potential hazard and deciding not to make the journey, I myself went down, not with a tummy bug but with one of my lapses in energy levels and I would not have been fit to drive. Happy New Year everyone (beginning to get back 'with it').

Saturday 28th December 2019

Therein lies arrogance and where arrogance commands downfall is inevitable.

It is deeply disappointing but generally speaking our own civil service has disintegrated since our involvement with the EU. For some reason it takes more notice of the EU than of our own Commonwealth which reality the EU has always ignored. Therein lies the root cause of so many of our problems.

Friday 27th December 2019
Socialism has always had the potential to be dangerous because it so rarely thinks things through, as it so clearly failed to do just recently. It does not understand the rendering of service to the people.

It'll dawn on them in due course how daft it all is.

"Corbyn’s critics have identified his unpopularity as a key factor in the election result, but figures on the left of the party say the defeat was primarily because of the difficulties over Labour’s Brexit position and not strategic errors or the leader." Precisely. Get Brexit out of the way then reality can be addressed. I personally may well have voted Labour had it not been for Brexit. Here again Labour has failed, they did not ask for a referendum 40 years ago. Having had one forty years too late they had the stupidity to ask for a second one! Just no damned sense in their heads. The problem with Labour.

One thing the BBC has never been but in war time (possibly) is a government tool. That is the mistake many foreigners perpetrate to counter the weakness of arguing their own cases.

Total twaddle. The reason for ignoring is a kindness rather than showing up the stupidity so often embedded in so much of socialism. They are against their country's common sense rationality to retirement. The country is sorting out the same administrative mess into which we have got ourselves regarding social services and on which we are still working. It is highly complicated but essential.

3HXNAIgQeYDjOI1qLiJ-3GPROAqj7RaMvp3eTmObL6ko] Don’t knock Thunberg.

Reasonably rational but it takes two to tango and our other partner was determined to follow a route we did not want.

Quaker Christmas

Wednesday 25th December 2019
1577709755] Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough chatting.

Tuesday 24th December 2019
After-noon already. Still clearing through Christmas mail but preparing for the new year. Hospital appointment and 2 page form to fill in. I thought we were supposed to be digital and my handwriting is appalling!

Is it sensible to show pictures of snow when we don't have any? Commentating on a Waterways promotion.

1577176684] A reasonable overall view but a little too negative. Trades unions still exist, despite wilful irresponsibility [SW trains] and persistence in going backwards [hence the previous negativity of Labour in the previous parliament about going forward with Brexit] and the social movement has always been an underlying gut reaction to authoritarian arrogance. Free membership has increased despite making forced membership illegal as an integral part of a job contract. For these reasons I still regard us as different from the EU, in which the EU was right when it decreed it should three times refuse our entry… so why did our own politicians, without asking us, persist we were involved?

Monday 23rd December 2019
He has a point but another aspect for despondency is that the products aren't selling! If they were, why advertise? When did you last see an ad for Rolls Royce?

First lead by example: all those people responsible for families, children, doing their jobs properly wilfully buggered by a trade union witholding labour because they could not get their own way in discussions.

Morning world (nearly midday!). As part of clearing out and offloading I am compiling a memorandum of family bits and perhaps a sort of biography. Of what value? I don't want to throw until I've checked the relevance of what I am throwing, which is taking longer than I expected but that's due to diverse other problems. When my father, a retired army major was taught to drive it was an army vehicle and by a military policeman. My natural inclination was laissez faire, so you can imagine our relationship was a hit and miss affair. He was a sportsman and I was interested in the arts! He refused to teach me to drive for professional reasons but promised to pay half my fees. "Trust the boy to pass first time when money's involved!" That was the way he congratulated me but he refused to let me take the family car out alone until I had shown him I could dismantle a carburettor, clean it and rebuild it. Nowadays I would call out the AA to change a wheel!
            It's Christmas. Disappearances to diverse family, so I need a good change of clothes and washing machine floods. When I refurbished the kitchen I laid new tiles, so flood over sitting-room carpet, which is 35 years old, due to be replaced and will when furniture and other accumulations have been reduced and I'm falling to pieces, so what is wrong with my home falling to pieces around me? Where's the laundromat? No insurance or maintenance contacts, through its 8 years I would have bought 2 m/cs over that time. Buy a new one now but over Christmas holiday? Sales may follow...
Because of my father my car carries a fire extinguisher and a device for smashing windows, accessible to front and back seat people and my home has a range of tools, so I investigate by generally prodding around. We're back on track having lost a day. THANKS DAD!!

Sunday 22nd December 2019
So why can't UK socialists get it right, are you saying they are all really that useless?

Morning world, one P Such Esq. reporting in. A leaden sky, seemingly cold and desolate but in fact warm for the time of year and probably light rain through the night. Interesting looking out and seeing odd lights in different rooms in different houses depending upon who is getting up for what immediate purpose to them. Almost invigorated, just my health phase... or the first day of a new year? The winter solstice is passed and we move on with a clean slate, longer days and shorter nights. Not much change from yesterday but a change for the better, yet the hardest time for winter is yet to come, just one of those perversities of life!

Saturday 21st December 2019
At least they know what they are doing, unlike the previous parliament whose sole concern was stopping the country having what it wanted. I am most certainly not feeling rich, too many delusions of grandeur from those not having a clue what they are talking about.

Christmas… or what ever, lovely article in The Guardian.
Surprised? It's what the EU is about, mayhem. Reply to news [
IwAR2dAYSI9x8TS5CRrI4lXNWLxysyZHuCnpoTBhXkjCGVWXIBFNq_yQDkND4#Echobox=1576847613] that EU HQ was built by unpaid migrant workers.

Typical of socialists to despise a man of sense and seriousness. In response to Huddersfield TUC moaning under “scabs4tories” at those of them that think and are meaningful.

The feeling is "end of term" until  tomorrow; even retired I sense the closing curtain of the year, on the shortest day and the longest night... then everything opens up; the days lengthen and the nights shorten... we're through and once more on our way!

Intelligence at last breaking through. Say nothing more: it's a live legal matter, don't endanger due process. In response to news Anne Sacoolas charged with causing death of Harry Dunn in Northamptonshire crash.

Used to be called Elementary Common Sense! In reply to reducing demand on NHS by not being stupid!
What happens with Brexit now parliament is being sensible: []

Coincides with my own concern and small efforts. Even a house starts with one brick!

Thursday 19th December 2019

Monday 16th December 2019
In reply to Huddersfield TUC’s post referring to supporting the working class, Working class?!!!! Who doesn't work? Why are you always putting down people who get off their backsides and do something worthwhile? They reposted by removing the word “class” and saying they supported all working people. May be coincidence but nice to feel I might have been instrumental in the diversity of my readership.

TUC rumours intimate Swinson, the several weeks of experience new leader of the Lib/Dems, who opened her election campaign saying she will do exactly what the majority of the people had already said they will not accept, will be given a seat in the Lords. Such posts undermine those members of that house that do have the intelligence and experience of life to make a serious contribution.

An interesting post by Bolsover Labour.
            “Many of you have been asking for a way to contact Dennis to send your wishes and apologies to him since the results came in on Friday. For obvious reasons, we cannot post an address publicly to send cards etc to him, however we have set up the email:
                  These will be collated into a book which will be presented to him at the next Constituency meeting. Any issues, please feel free to message us!
Kind Regards, Bolsover Labour Party                 
                  I wonder if anyone will stand in for him when the Queen opens parliament, he was renowned for his side comments on important occasions.

Fascinating. I've just watched "Brief Encounter" for the first time in many years, it followed a BBC 2 bio on Noel Coward. It was like seeing it for the first time: a simple story with a complexity of themes expressed by implication rather than fact. It was a much loved genre often referred to by late friends and so a vast array of 'other worlds' ran parallel with the action. Of course stream trains were an integral part of the background as was the social background. The fact that it was black and white enhanced the period and caused me to ask if it would be as mindful had it been in colour. I'm inclined to think not. So, morning lost by over-sleeping and ready to switch out, I start working!

Exhausted! The day has only just 'started'! Victoria Derbyshire is in the middle of her daily broadcast and I've just emerged from my bed! I had intended an early start but last night was superb. A friend had enveigled me to take her and her partner, when I was unsure if I was up to it healthwise. So I felt I must go or they would lose their evening, so in that, she got me out of my moroseness and did me a good turn.

First priority for a friend's sake and who knows who else?
          At Christmas there’s a lot of pressure to be perfect and have it all. We see adverts showing happy families in matching PJ’s. Nobody is having a drunken row, struggling with life or feeling lonely in these adverts. The Samaritans have a free number - 116 123 (UK) which doesn't show up on phone bills. A simple copy and paste might save someone's life. Would 3 of my Facebook friends please copy this post?? Thank you. Remember it's ok not to be ok 👍

The evening was "The Fantastic Violin and Piano Jazz Duo Chris Garrick and Dave Gordon LIVE in Aston Clinton village hall". Meal included, superbly presented. Two superb artists with absolute mastery of their instruments. It was a magnificent evening, blissfully unaware of the tremendous rain the area had suffered during the concert, creating some flood hazards on our journey home. I was surprised how crashed out I had been.
            The summer version is "Jazz by the Brook". Anyone interested should email a request to be notified to:

Saturday 14th December 2019
Precisely as I had envisaged. "One of the ironies of today is that the election would never have happened if it had not been for the Lib Dems calling for one and Corbyn subsequently agreeing. [The Lib/Dem's new young leader starting the election by declaring their opposition to the Referendum result]. When the Lib Dems and the SNP both openly called for an early election, it became much harder for Labour to resist. Without their backing, Johnson would not have been able to legislate to make it happen.

The SNP won 48 of the 59 seats in Scotland (up 13) and, with Scotland now facing possibly 10 years of rule from Johnson, pressure for independence may well intensify. May [NB]. As Nicola Sturgeon herself said, voting SNP did not mean a majority vote for independence. That depends on the speed and manner of Johnson's conduct. Ireland is a different question and there is much logic to that re-unification.

In my view Andrew Sparrow is being too simplistic.

Jo Swinson has apologised to the Liberal Democrats for a dismal election in which she lost her seat and the party slipped to 11 MPs, but said she did not regret fighting on a defiantly pro-remain platform. Having lost her seat, she had to stand down as party leader. One of the ironies of today is that the election would never have happened if it had not been for the Lib Dems calling for one, and Corbyn subsequently agreeing. (When the Lib Dems and the SNP both openly called for an early election, it became much harder for Labour to resist.) Without their backing, Johnson would not have been able to legislate to make it happen.

Little Englanders have always been word wide and universally encompassing, it is the EU concepts that shut people out.

In some ways an insight into community but also an eye-opener as to how much is now for the better... possibly! Perhaps the 60's/70's would be preferred. Have we gone too far on?

Friday 13th December 2019 midday
Morning world. An extraordinary black sky and no view out of my window. I am physically crippled by one of my ill health phases and totally exhausted, its 07:00hrs! Ah well, at least we have an engine that works and people who know where they are going. Move arse and get on with the job that should have been started forty years ago, were our politicians to have any understanding of basic management.

Wednesday 11th December 2019 midnight
Excellent. Love her to bits, hope she makes it all the way through in her hopefully long life. On Tena Thunberg’s award of Time’s 2019 Person of the Year.

Mismanagement is the key. It is the lefties who have made sure Brexit is delayed and confuses everything. People need managing and with immigration not managed we have glorious mismanagement across the country, at a time when the country needs serious cross-party management for the next twenty years at least: climate change; energy; transport; social conditions and their related managements need to be completely reviewed; best started with an electoral review to proportional representation. The previous attempt was thwarted (I can't recall the details but I know the version I considered most appropriate wasn't even offered). That is why Boris is right, sort Brexit then get on with reality. I'm voting Tory [would prefer not to but a competent MP has been disowned for the mealy mouthed inadequacies of the little people with too large egos] (SW Herts). I might have gone Green (not really strong enough yet) but reluctantly Labour to be meaningful.

If something requires advertising it clearly isn't selling! Push me to do something and I specifically don't! Only way to handle to potential unauthorised influence!

Fascinating, just been playing around with the Electoral Reform Society's calculator for "aiding" decision-making. Very interesting seeing how changed backgrounds alter priorities and the result on a comprehensive chart I found most enlightening, teaching me something about myself! Fascinating. I knew I was moving but had not realised how left wing I had become. It's Brexit, complete that and I can be more me as I really am—Green but not yet, as there is no chance of government for the moment so, passingly a mix of Labour, Lib/Dem until I can realistically go Green.

Wednesday 11th December 2019 midnight
Excellent. Love her to bits, hope she makes it all the way through in her hopefully long life. On Tena Thunberg’s award of Time’s 2019 Person of the Year.

11th December 2019 noon
The sooner it's all over the better. It's nearly lunch time and I've only just had breakfast, it's going to be one of those days but the sun is bright and strong; in 10 days the days will start to elongate and in nearly 10 hours we'll start making the decision and hopefully we'll make the right decision, understanding the need for managerial decisiveness... or why we have so many damned fool politicians, because too many normal guys are that damned stupid as to elect them! Sun, please stay shining!

Tuesday 10th December 2019
'tis a grey after-noon, leaden smooth sky but Christmas lights brighten drab gardens, even my little window cill tree sparkles against the mid-grey sky onto which my window looks, about to plunge into blackness. I welcome the need to soon be drawing the curtains but always make that act as late as possible. Eleven days and the world will begin to wake.

Morning. Decision time. Can we do as we please? No. We are always accountable. My constituency of South West Herts has been cited as one of the ten key constituencies to watch. Gauke (whom I had considered as a possible future PM, others as a potential Chancellor) had been censured by some members [why I don’t join political parties, they attract damned fools] and was then fired by Johnson. My response is that if the party doesn’t want him I don’t want the party. However, practicality has the prior claim to rationality. I am a Brexiteer who felt we had been wilfully manipulated too long under the EU to make exit practicable and voted Remain. The country thought differently and so I am now a practical Brexiteer. Regretfully then I shall vote Tory.

Had we got Brexit out of the way, which nonTory voters were determined wouldn’t happen, the choice would have been whom? Labour is backed by trade unionists who hate going forward, look at the commuter hell on South West trains. Corbyn, personally is believed to be Brexit but his party is overwhelmingly Remain, so Corbyn dithers and blames Tories for hospital shortages due to his party’s previous overspend, incurring the debts the Tories have had to countenance, which Corbyn doesn’t acknowledge.

I frequently back women and thought well of Swinson, despite not liking the LibDems but Jo Swinson leads off supporting Remainers, when the country’s majority referendum vote is Brexit. She thinks such an attitude is a cert for government! She’s a CBE, so she must have had something going for her in some distant past but this is today about tomorrow!

The only other potential government is a hung one: you have to vote Tory and grin and bear it. it’s Labour and the LibDems that deliberately created the mess we are in.

Monday 9th December 2019
Joe Brand complaining of lack of cash for NHS. Accept your accountability for not leaving any cash behind after your tenure.

Why are we here? Because most nonTory people are wilfully determined the electorate will be denied its choice of government. Had Labour and the Lib/Dems had any sense Brexit would have been achieved and for this election we could be looking at the best ways to achieve what matters: replanning our economy and social needs in the light of revised energy needs. Instead, through their little Remain egos, we're still arguing Brexit: that is our tragedy, the socialists denying themselves their own goals through wilfully denying the people their Brexit decision, putting us all back five years!

Wasn't going to bother, its just me and I'm reduced in functionality down to only basic essentials, let alone additional non urgent paraphernalia but presents require organising, once Christmas cards are gone (beginning to come through the letterbox now) and I saw some little incidentals shopping and I thought, "they'll do", in the window, so it looks to the outside world as if I've done something (and who doesn't window peep)?
        Foreign cards stamped and I arrive at post box at which postman has just arrived to empty—cards already falling out of the pushing in slot! Foreign cards already on their way! Waitrose food already looking new and tempting and I indulge, we'll be back to normal in January, how boring!
Back home, I'm already exhausted, basic lunch, I'll save treating myself with delicacies for evening meal; in the mean time, "At Bertram's Hotel" is on and Geraldine McEwan, my preferred interpreter of Miss Marple is acting. Seen it many times but it is well acted and directed and I love the period. It is not my style but through the circumstances of a diverse life I feel comfortable in upstairs downstairs scenarios

Saturday 7th December 2019
Not mentioned during these several weeks of diverse persons addressing the people nationally across all media!

Interesting. Haven't heard that joke for a long time. I'd like to think that the reason is that society has changed for the better: women are more self confident and better respected and men are less boring.

Friday 6th December 2019
The key lies in our own politicians' failure to understand basic management. You hold a referendum BEFORE causing our loss of control of our own country: forty years ago not three! That is why this country is currently a complete shambles. Failure to prepare for retirement pensions; increasing number of retirees; failure to schedule staff changes to manage NHS patient need changes; etc etc. ALL politicians have wilfully failed for their short-term little egos to be important for a short period of time rather than actually have meaning with a purpose for the future.

For God's sake avoid the LibDems! They want EU to support them, as they know they can't arouse sufficient of our numbers to do them any good and their current leader started off telling us she would stand up for exactly what we had just said we didn't want!

It terrifies me that people view blindly upholding a referendum that was completely compromised by deceit and misinformation as some kind of win for democracy. There would be nothing less democratic than crashing out of the EU with no or a poor deal negotiated by a man who doesn’t even believe in his own cause. The PM is the antichrist of democracy and has managed to blag his way into power through a career of lies, racism, homophobia, anti working-class rhetoric and privilege. There is nothing less democratic than that.

So you agree with our losing control over our own country by politicians who did not ask us if we agreed until forty years later, three years ago and having been given our answer wilfully failed to implement it.

The value of organised muddle for disorganised muddle seems to be your answer and by their proven nature politicians do not understand management. The question (forty years late) was asked three years ago and a clear answer given. Politicians have failed to implement, as they have failed to envisage the pension/retiree position and the effect such numbers would have on our NHS to manage for it.

In principle I agree with you and would have voted Labour had it not been that we must Brexit and then start thinking rationally, as most of our politicians have failed to do for forty years.

The key lies in our own politicians' failure to understand basic management. You hold a referendum BEFORE causing our loss of control of our own country: forty years ago not three! That is why this country is currently a complete shambles. Failure to prepare for retirement pensions; increasing number of retirees; failure to schedule staff changes to manage NHS patient need changes; etc etc. ALL politicians have wilfully failed for their short-term little egos to be important for a short period of time.

Didn't always agree with him but Gauke is excellent and if local party don't want him I don't want the local party but we do need Brexit done and sorted.

Some old movies showing while I write Christmas cards. Gosh! Were we so easily pleased, even established actors in their younger days appear stiff and formal!

Thursday 5th December 2019
Evening world, an interesting and diverse day. Despite warnings of road closures and yester evening's posts of traffic delays round The Grove I decided, "why should I be inconvenienced by heads of state: proceed regardless of their opinions." I did. Totally clear roads; topped up petrol; passed on to my main shopping intention and was horrified to find Christmas cards were no longer on sale... time clearly was moving on. Had a look round; decided on next shopping trip and headed home. Exhausted but did second local trip for daily matter and am now crashed out, shoulders aching due to carrying shopping, not too far, I had the car but I've upset things physically.

Damn but others have far worse. Local shop too had few Christmas cards but I bought conservatively and should have enough but if short those on email may have to make do but I think an actual card is important. No real news this year so no letter enclosed as usual. Tomorrow then, preparing cards for posting. In the mean time, I am gaining my Christmas spirit as the days roll on, so I will probably have had Christmas by the time Christmas Day has arrived! Tonight's dessert is Apple and Blackberry pie, with liberal helping of Brandy and Champagne Cream. Now why don't they have that when the strawberries are fruiting?

The continuing inanity of men is beyond belief. It raises serious questions as to what we taught the Commonwealth countries because clearly India still has not learned.

We are getting overly sensitive. Foreigners come to this country because of what we have to offer, freedom of expression being one of the main ones. They then choose to present themselves in direct confrontation with their very reason for coming! Our history is of highwaymen covering their faces contributing to our established revulsion of facial covering and desire for complete openness. Johnson's comment was perfectly reasonable.

An interesting update on something I now realise I have left fully behind! I love "Culture is an oil tanker, not a speedboat". It is a lovely expression but culture is a 2/3 generation change, if not longer and change is happening so fast I also feel increasingly out of touch but to "stay with it", workwise, for me that doesn't apply, its just a matter of endeavouring to "stay with it" living! Glad you had a good conference, it certainly seems to have been informative and diverse.

I learn a lot from your diverse involvement with people but please remember, "Charity begins at home." You have some dear ones close to you who are just as vulnerable in their own ways as the wider world in which you involve yourself.

Wednesday 4th December 2019
Always remember that the backbone to the Labour party is trade unions, currently causing complete havoc to South West travellers until after Christmas. Trade unions preoccupations are always why something can't happen!

Remember, the purpose of advertising is to sell what isn't selling!

Morning world, just chatting. Bright sunshine, heaviest frost on car roofs so far this winter. Feeling extraordinarily normal for the first time for some time. Happily burrowing into a mountain of accumulated "not done" stuff and feeling reasonably able to plough on!

From Fb post. "I just want to put a shout out to whoever handed my purse in to the police last night at the Victorian evening in Tring... with everything still in it. After being so upset, as I am a single mum on my own with my children (and a friends child that night). Pure panic not knowing what to do. On the off chance after hitting the shops I asked a lovely policeman.

Can’t tell you how much it meant to me and for me to be able to tell my children there are wonderful people still left in the world

Interesting. In my case the Independent is the former Conservative MP whom I had previously regarded as a potential PM, others as Chancellor. The constituency party turned against him but too few in number to have any effect [why I don't like political parties, too many damned fools belong to them] and then Boris fired him for having a different view to him. He is a controlled Brexiteer. I'm a Remainer feeling the intention to bamboozle us into the EU was too far gone [they should have held the referendum forty years previously] but happy with the majority decision, so am a Brexiteer. Your remain link recommends voting for him yet makes no prognosis of his likelihood to win and concludes the Tories will win anyway, bringing me back to not voting. I would go Labour for social reasons but we must get Brexit done and that requires decisive management.

Thursday 28th November 2019
In reply to a Fb post. “That reminds me of a scene from Auschwitz .Why such a bleak mood? Look at your little Rowntree's face [her dog] and he will cheer you up. My contribution.
Very wise words. Lows are contrasts to highs without both the world would be a very boring place and very flat. This scene is flat, as is Dungeness but so much to it! Emptiness is not always desolation, it is openness where thoughts may fly free and acquire detailed information: the subtle sound of small waves lapping the shore; the awareness of the smaller winds around one's ears and the sharpness of their lower temperature against one's cheek. Time to stand still in the stillness around you and open up your awareness. The ups and downs of life is life alive and being, in which you are still involved, a part of the whole; it is the slow movement of a symphony without which you cannot appreciate the whole work. That is the whole of a full life: slow movements with excited crescendos; each only part of the whole. Take each movement in its own time and feel harmony with the collective whole.
In reply to another post consisting of a clock showing all hours as “tired”. Interesting, do you actually mean “tired” at the time of writing (not too late into the morning) and tired all the time? Or does your mood go through all the descriptions possible: tiredness, fatigued, weary, lacking energy; dull of mind but bodily alert; bodily exhausted but mind alert? I fully understand you.

 Wednesday 27th November 2019
In reply to a Facebook post on expecting his daughter to follow Greta Thunberg.
1st, this is only where we were 150 years ago, (fifty years ago if you take world war deprivation into account, much of which I recall in my own childhood: cold showers, needing an extra pullover, the only heat in the house coming from one fire in the living room and that was for heating the boiler between living room and kitchen! Why on earth are you withholding your ID? Can't you face your own reality with the fortitude you are expecting (and by implication is giving) from your daughter?

Sunday 24th November 2019
Due entirely to open borders. For centuries we have been wandering around our country as we please then some political fools, without asking us until forty years too late if we objected to a need to suddenly being alert to the need of providing ID formality. It's simply not our style. Make our borders secure IMMEDIATELY!

The issue is multifarious. In those countries where it is required her employer insists on conforming. In our country we rely on people having the basic good manners to comply with our expectations, regrettably many immigrants fail to show that basic courtesy. In their culture they still submit to the domination and ownership of men. Our open society dislikes cover-ups, dating back to the highwaymen who were masked before and when committing their crimes.

Where was I? As exhausted as I had every intention not to be. Not certain what I've done but I'm happy with my day. The vagaries of ill health, especially when not really defined, do not help. I resist pain killers until the last as seeing so much on the news of people dying painfully in hospital because they are at the end of the effectiveness of their medicines, so I submit perhaps too late? I took some before bed and perhaps that's why I have woken so fresh this morning? Active, clear of head, with it and without any pain at all! So I intended resting through the morning to be fit for hustings tonight with mind alert but of course, able to do something... I do something. Now exhausted, so resting, so I can pay attention and make notes. Cheers.

Idiot! To get anything done you first do and the first thing is Brexit. Labour and Lib/Dem made sure that did not happen! Corbyn now says "we'll follow the electorate" which is precisely what he did NOT do! I am a "Remainer" but accept the majority view so Brexit. THEN deal with other problems for which I would vote Labour but for the trades unions whose only contribution to business is "why something can't happen" look at the railways, a cavalier disregard to business/family/children commitments.

"SICK" I think we have to be careful with our language. The beauty of the English language is its diverse flexibility in multi-contexts. Is the word used by an authoritative opinion on mental ill health? Does it seriously mean "sick" in comparison with a patient waiting 6 hrs in a hospital corridor to be seen. This is a quote from a newspaper, so language is a professionally managed tool of their trade, is the paper using it competently? In response to a report on a teenage boy who wilfully caused appalling pain to a wild bird.

Tuesday 19th November 2019
Presentation at CBI was excellent by both speakers and I was particularly impressed by Corbyn’s delivery. This was a highly professional presentation. Tonight’s presentation did not start well. Johnson made the classic mistake of over-running his time allocation at the very beginning. FAILURE! Johnson continued to abuse the process and continually had to be brought to heel. Corbyn followed suit to hold his own but intended to still ignore the will of the British people as already expressed amd try again to get majority to remain.
            The trouble with being on ITV is that damned adverts interrupt without any sense of proprietary awareness. Johnson is absolutely appalling he’s supposed to have been public school educated yet has no respect for the basic rules of debating societies. He also failed to pre-think his answering strategy so he could get his points in ahead of his spluttering.

18th November 2019
Facebook poster looking for entertainment “12th December General Election, nationwide!”

Doesn't say much for his radio host [710 KNUS, which is owned by the conservative-leaning Salem Media Group], did not respond to HuffPost’s request for comment. This incident raises the question on the competence of American business generally. On post by [

Well, nibbled some hors d'oeuvres, opened a new bubbly and switched out from being involuntarily switched out. I'll worry about coping with life's realities tomorrow morning!

Prince Andrew’s interview, at a time when we are contemplating a complete review of our political situation, opens the position of the royal family in that context.

Good evening (would have been after-noon were it summer). An extraordinary day, totally lost in the enervated state of my health, a meaningless somnambulance which seemed to highlight the general dissolution all around us. I receive a card from my former MP, whom I had perceived as a possible PM or Chancellor, now going independent. He seems to ignore the fact he needs 325 other members to get anything he wants through. He also wants to remain so why not join the LibDems or Labour? Does he actually want to get in? I believe there is an arrangement for past MPs failing to get a seat in a new parliament, being entitled to a five-figure “divorce” pay off if failing to get in again, so why vote for him, is that the real reason he is standing?
            I originally voted to remain but decisions made by the majority meant Brexit and I was happy to fall in with the majority, why aren’t we moving? Another failure in management.
A charity delivers a polythene bag inside another polythene bag. What happened to social accountability for the environment?
            Berkhamsted Citizens are holding a hustings, just as well, apart from Gauke never heard of any of them. Ali Aklakul, Labour; Gagan Monhindra, Conservative; Sally Symington, Lib/Dem; Tom Pashby, Green. I’ll try and attend but am almost certain not to vote! Only the second time I’ve done that in my life. The first time I was very young and in America and couldn’t be bothered with the fuss and palaver of postal voting. On this occasion, possibly Green but haven’t a clue about who is standing for them.
A day, completely failing in any sense of achievement. I think I feel too tired to manage a meal and not hungry enough to force the effort. Good night!

Interesting, I had assessed him as a potential PM and was furious at the party idiots who tried and fortunately failed to get rid of him, then Boris went bananas as he can't cope with contrary opinions to his own ego. It's why I am not a party member, too many damned idiots join.

Sunday 17th November 2019
“All things tremble before violence. All fear death and love life. See yourself in others. Then who can you hurt you? What harm can you do?” Buddha.
A reply. An interesting thought as cows are sacred to them, however, something that always bothers me is this: everything has life, including plants and trees. Vegans say it is wrong to kill animals for meat, yet they kill thousands of plants and take their lives instead? How does one equate that?? On an ecological basis how do they equate the removal of so many plants that absorb the deadly CO2 they fear so much?
            My response. One could go back to Genesis. I would prefer to keep things simple: all things are spirit in transition, hence their adopted current existence at this state of time and location. Perhaps things improve from location to location in their respective times. They gain from the accumulation of successive experiences.

Britain — renowned for its pragmatism, its common sense, its political stability and its unabashed devotion to small business (“a nation of shopkeepers”) — has become nearly unrecognizable to its European allies.
So wrote The New York Times two years ago. Now it seems Britain no longer knows itself, such is the confusion created by the appalling persistence of paying the EU homage.

Am I too much an isolationist? A reasonably productive day, many papers requiring shredding for confidentiality reasons but first another cup of tea. Before doing so I draw the curtains, as I am becoming an exhibit for anyone in the street who cares to look up. I like to hold the last linger of the night before shutting myself away. Away from what?
Not life. Life across a range of moods, locations and times envelopes me. I have been reading through my parent's appointments diaries. They were not diarists in the meaningful sense, as I have tried to be, erratically and must sort into a meaningful form should anyone think them worth perusing. I wish to leave something behind.
Leaving something behind, is that necessary? Clarifying factually various points of family history are a help to anyone wishing to look back and I have been irritated where such history has been 'spasmodic', as is my own accumulated history. I am an erratic diarist and do we not take our own histories with us through our various ages...?

12th November 2019
Now, there's a question! In conversations with friends I have been re-acquainted with those in previous lives, purportedly the reason some of us have dwelled closely, we were friends in previous existences. Many memories conjoin with a sense of uniformity. Interesting.
Realism creeping in. Don't muck up Tories' chances with Labour seats. LibDems and Labour are both out for party security and "sod the country" that's why they blocked Brexit. Handle Brexit and then go for General Election. Consequently I'm disfranchised. I've heard no announcement as to who is standing in my constituency since the local party had the stupidity to censure Gauke (whom I had rated as a possible PM) but fortunately did not achieve their aims, then Johnson disowned him for showing his ability but I won't go for him as an independent. The whole is the key not the specifics. Had Brexit been out of the way I might have voted Labour as too much too fast correction of our finances has done much damage to our social needs and responsibilities.

What The Guardian’s report gives us is the state of appalling ignorance there is across the general population and this is disconcerting to say the least.

So, where am I? I haven't a clue but remain hopeful. Stuff must be offloaded but I will not throw out without checking what I am throwing and I find a range of health articles which I need to re-read as I need to review my medical state overall–I keep being side-stepped into different possible scenarios and forget where I actually am.
What I have discovered is something I needed for a project underway, which is what started the search and with it other "lost" stuff now currently wanted! So I go on, getting somewhere I sense but damned if I know where and glad I do not throw out irresponsibly! Also discovered five books I was in the middle of reading and got side-tracked, then mislaid! Diversity is my all.

Saturday 9th November 2019

A poster. I don’t agree with the philosophy that humankind is separate from nature. Perhaps we’d fare better as a species if we embraced our role in the scheme of things with greater responsibility. My reply.
Superbly presented pictures. Let me confirm your earlier expressed comment, echoed by another, human kind is as natural and instinctive a part of nature as is the whole world and the universe itself. We are all one and the same "atomised" into separate bits as a mechanical necessity of this existence, itself one of many existences in time and place through time.
            That's a very interesting thought. That seems in contrast to the 'tower of Babel' story in which God destroys the edifice because of the arrogance of those who built it, if I remember correctly.
            The Bible is a complex volume, as one would expect of a compilation of many sources, (high and low educational standards) experiences and changing languages during a passage of time through changing dominance of cultures.

Feeling tearful. Initially irritated at the floury of adverts that burden us pre and through Christmas. Then I thought of those parents in financial straits, who know how disappointed their children will be and how disappointed they, as parents are, in not being able to be the parents they want to be. Time to be those parents, not with monetary effusion but simply by showing the fullness of pure love which is what their children really want, although they themselves may not realise yet.

Continuing uproar over Rees-Mogg’s inadvertent phrasing over the Grenfell disaster misses the fundamental point, that it was the advice the fire brigade gave that was wrong, or that they failed to act in the manner their advice indicated they would/should have activated. That is what requires answering.

Friday 8th November 2019
Not so bad a day after all, perhaps. Pushed myself more than I expected in the morning, causing me to collapse for most of the after-noon but not unfruitfully. For parking reasons I chose to walk to surgery for flu jab and found three parking spaces! Apparently I had just missed the queue I had expected and was taken in immediately, so a good start.
It was interesting walking, one side of the road had lost its pavement due to cars being parked all along it, mostly on the path so I could not get past, as I was pulling my shopping trolley and had to walk in the road but it was intended as a domestic road, increasingly over-committed. I was using the opportunity as a test on my stamina. Its a difficult road, steeper for walking than I had remembered and insufficient parking, so 'give and take' was pushing the limits. Drivers don't see such pedestrian problems.
Had a good shop and a reminder that nearer Christmas car parking is going to be a problem. Ther

e have already been many posts from people driving into town and being unable to park at all (a new multi-storey car park is being built on the space that was a car park)!  
Walking home was a serious effort but two people very kindly proffered me help with my trolley up hills, which I courteously declined. It was a question of deliberately pushing myself, how declining was I? Also three or four people exchanged courtesies in passing and at least two dog owners appreciated my saying "hello" to their dogs as well as to them.
Delighted to find an email, thanking me for my card and copying a poem each from the granddaughters of their grandmother's imminent funeral. Very good, beautifully laid out so posted back there should be print offs for attendees, may be why they were so nicely laid out, they already had that in mind.
Prompted me to pull out a copy of my first book of poems and reading through them for the first time for some while made me realise it wasn't so bad an effort after all. An achievement to celebrate my fiftieth year and starting solo after redundancy, the need for money preoccupying me since and completely forgetting I had published the book, whose poems I felt held up to the younger generation's efforts.
Collectively we are quite a talented family, so I suddenly felt it had not been so bad a day after all and I should offload the remaining stock. Those were the days when running a thousand was the best unit price whereas now one can run off half-a-dozen copies without a problem. It was worth doing, tied in with my professional bookwork, gaining extensive experience and confidence going solo following redundancy. I was able to greet the world and look it straight in the eye.

Thursday 7th November 2019
In my opening up to enjoying retirement, is my relaxed state too easily acquired, leading me into a deep somnambulance where nothing actually gets done? Classic fm perhaps does not help but sitting here in my variable easy chair, looking between the plants on the windowsill to my distant horizon, the white cumulus clouds gathering in quantity, now an armada of ships rather than an escort squadron, darkening in their greys and becoming more forbidding, I realise I have done nothing since lunch but sit and be happy and time so precious!

There is much mix up with 'Social living', 'charity', 'grabbing as much as I can'. Some of this country's greatest charities derive from very rich people exercising their personal social conscience!

Getting nowhere fast! The previous two days I regard as reasonably productive. Today started with a likewise attitude... Case 1 I thought I would share around the family: cassette tapes of music, were actually cassette tapes from my late American friend cross-referring to my tapes to him and needed notes for autobiographical work in hand! Case 2 hard copy print out of what I hope remains in digital form: re-read, consider completing and preparing for publishing, which can be judged independently after I've gone--2 books! Case 3 my copy notes to my American friend! 3 cases simply re-stacked! Getting nowhere fast!

That is her fundamental mistake: setting herself in wilful defiance of the stated majority of the electorate for which she expects to be elected! Beyond that expression of wilful personal arrogance the answer is "yes" she would do better than either but unfortunately her party is only interested in pleasing the EU, not in pleasing the British people from whom she knows she will never gain that majority because of the Lib/Dems past history. In response to a post that a Liberal Democrat government will stop Brexit. Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has launched her party's campaign, promising a £50bn ‘Remain bonus’ and she says she is ‘absolutely certain’ that she could do a better job than either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn as PM.

Practicality of need, geared to self-preservation is an obvious first necessity, thereafter I would not so easily be dismissive of higher sensitivities. We are the "highest" of the animals but aspire beyond our ba. sic biochemistry, why then should they not aspire likewise, aping our leadership? On a post regarding pet animal love for humans.

Tuesday 5th November 2019
In answer to the report his conclusion is correct. In answer to the inhabitants' knowledge at the time he is incorrect I think that is where the uproar has emanated. Complaints against Rees-Mogg’s criticisms residents should have over-ridden fire instructions to stay put.

Sense at last but not sufficient. Considering the number of idiots who can't drive cars but still do despite a reasonable test demand being responsible for a drone is even more dangerous, we need test certification but perhaps online testing is sufficient?

Typical all over the place without a clue or sense of accountability. In response to Corbyn 2 years ago “We demand the return of Shamima Begum to the UK at once, she was only a 16 year old immature child when she took the decision to join `ISIS’ she cannot be held accountable for her actions at so young an age.” Corbyn last week, “we demand that 16 years olds be given the vote in the UK, they are responsible and free thinking young adults.”

Monday 4th November 2019
Morning world. One P Such Esq reporting in. Bright sunshine morning, a full day planned, fingers crossed, ploughing on! best wishesto all. Facebook beginning to drive me up the wall it insist in putting best wishesto all in red and large type, hence the missing space. Fb must learn to render service and not presume to dictate!

Sound sense but good and evil are complex entities and we know so little of creation and cannot see the detail in the context of the whole. My reply to David Attenborough’s comment “I think of a little child in East Africa with a worm burrowing into his eyeball. The worm cannot live without burrowing into eyeballs. I find that difficult to reconcile with the notion of a divine and benevolent God.

Very worrying. We are losing a certain innocence of which I was aware as a into his eyeball.child but realism is essential clearly an effect of too few police on the streets. In response to concern of MPs walking alone after given the vote

Saturday 2nd November 2019
Brave! Any idiot can be brave when he hasn't a clue what he is doing!

I know politics is a laugh a minute but they do have a serious side, sometimes and that's the time you don't gamble!

 Friday 1st November 2019
At 23:00 hrs 31st October Peter Such left the EU. As regards parliament, that hasn’t a clue and neither does the EU. All is well.

It was Labour's socialism that determined acceptance of the EU's diktats without argument because it took away their accountability for what they knew the country would not accept. All that is happening now is the rational debate Labour were not capable of holding.


Boundary clarification. How many seats and what preferred size of constituency population?

Proportional representation. Which system?

House of Lords? Should it be elected or appointed and upon what classification? Originally based on the realities of the day: Spiritual; Legal; Defence; land ownership; hereditary entitlement.

Today? Spiritual but across the faiths (define), including pure secularism/humanitarianism (all    appointed/elected by their respective churches); Legal, as is; Political (variable by proven worth, such as past ministers or retired professional senior civil servants and limited party nominations); representatives of Capital, Financial Services, Labour (all either retired or active, appointed or elected by their respective accredited bodies); Education (ditto precedents stated); Health (ditto); Other?

The whole re-viewable by a statutory committee reporting with recommendations to parliament on a ten yearly basis to cover relevance of classifications in the then current world. Modus operandi as at present.