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Peter Such
Great Berkhamsted
Hertfordshire England
UBUNTU. I am because of who we all are.
Supporting the 2012 Olympic Legacy—I WILL be positive and endeavour to maintain the Olympians' love of life and its challenges. Great Berkhamsted from New Road looking across Kitchener's Field
Updated 24th August, 2012

Voyeurism: Prince Harry and the Jordanian Paralympic Team
It is the nature of human spirit in this dimension to seek the highest heights and then be plunged to the lowest depths. The brilliance of the Olympians has reminded us of the inadequacy of most of us. Reminded us that there is a case for treating the human body as a temple. Not necessarily of spirit if you are not persuaded of that reality but of its own dignity in the aspiration of physique and mental ardour and determination.

Then we are plunged to the depths of its depravity by a contrast in human inadequacy. Fortunately for Prince Harry, there is the damaging implication that people of an ilk for which we have great admiration, the disadvantaged, are arraigned on charges of child sexual impropriety. No more comment at this stage as the matter is still before the courts.

That the King of Jordan should consider it appropriate to be involved in ensuring his country's team make the paralympics is a kingly thing to do, in support of his country's team and to involve himself at the street level of life in their interests. We do not have details as to whether they may have been inveigled into these matters or some other dastardly act befallen them, rather than the simple shame of exercising the human frailties to which many able-bodied have been proven to be suspect.

With Prince Harry we have the repeat of Henry V's childhood, who turned into a great king. Unlikely ever to be king, Harry's role is on the sidelines, stuck by birth into the public eye. Privileged and therefore denied being truly himself. A soldier, prepared like his fellows to face death in his country's service and doing his best NOT to be sidelined by his birth but to be in the fray with his men. So let us take him as himself. Something of a dare-devil, a guy who likes the girls and what red-bloodied heterosexual man hasn't tried to inveigle a girl into bed or some sort of saucy romp? His tragedy is that being a prince there is always some snotty-nosed inadequate seeking his thirty pieces of silver. So what?

What the incident raises is the depravity of the normal state of our human society. The gutter press is universal in its money-raking lack of moral sensibility. Perhaps we should think ourselves in the God image. We're dead. No body, just spirit and we all know all. Why not look the principle in the eye and let it all hang out anyway? God knows, so why shouldn't we all? He created us and gave Eve the whiles to betray Adam. Or was it really Adam who inveigled Eve and made sure she took the blame?

What is certain is that Good by default will counter play Evil any day. Why else the juxtapositions at the same time? Seems to me to prove there IS a God!

Subsequently The Sun (a UK rag tabloid) has proudly declared Rupert Murdoch acknowledges his empire IS the gutter press, by publishing (apparently) the pictures purportedly taken by a hanger-on to the royal presence. His sole purpose was clearly the £10,000 he is supposed to have been paid by an American example of the worst form of abuse by a free press, gaily abandoning any sense of public decency and respect for people's privacy in their own paid-for hotel room. Bravo, The Sun for so unashamedly declaring the murky depths of the ruthless and unfit for purpose Murdoch empire!

Just tweeted: "Breivick judgement too lenient. Should have been for life." Okay the law is as it is and the implication is that the sentence was as serious as it could be. In some way Norway is an 'innocent' country and it does give a lovely contrast to the gutter filth the rest of Europe and US currently portray in the statistics of their violence, their prominent people's flexible attitude towards personal self-interest, contrary to public accountability, like the States' recent Akin nonsense.

Likewise The Sun's publication has not ANY relevance to press freedom but a clear statement that aspects of the press will over-ride public decency and personal privacy for money-grubbing outrageousness. That so many buy it is a further statement of the general depravity of the UK public vis-a-vis Norway's people. An interesting contrast! Blatantly 'The Sun' clearly states that a free press invites people, totally unfit to be editors, to be so employed by irresponsible proprietors, whose sole interest is not the dignity and privilege of the press and publishing but their own personal advancement.

We must not rise to their challenge of fettering the rest of the press that is responsible and dignified. We must hope that one of the prince's friends will show their true value and come charging into the fray on his behalf. Then we might see Rupert Murdoch brought properly to heel with a massive compensation claim against his empire for wilful breech of personal privacy. Hopefully costing sufficient millions and public uproar to make his shareholders, if not his parent board at last realise association with him is really not in their best interests!

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